MikuMikuDance Version 3.21!

They've finally added Akita Neru to MikuMikuDance!

They finally added Akita Neru in MikuMikuDance!

MikuMikuDance version 3.21 have been released, with bug fixes on the multi-modeling as well as a new 3D model for Akita Neru. We just need a 3D model of KAITO and MEIKO and the VOCALOID family would be complete!

So if you’re interested, grab the new MikuMikuDance here. Just click on the “MikuMikuDance (Multi-Model Edition)” link. Speaking of MikuMikuDance, Kio made a FL-chan model in MikuMikuDance. For those who don’t know who Kio is, he’s a professional 3D model designer. Read more for a picture of his FL-chan. For those of you who are interested in MikuMikuDance, I might make an english tutorial for it sometime in the future. Thanks for reading! =D

Source: 初音ミクみく

  • Ace

    FL-chan! I thought they forgot about her. ;_;

    The least famous character of moe anthropomorphization characters..

  • Hado

    Oh my gosh, how do I get it?

  • Ace

    oh my gosh, it’s in the article!
    read thoroughly.


  • Hado

    I’m talking about getting Neru.
    I already have the program..

  • @Hado: It’s in the newest program link =D
    just click on the link Ace provided and download the new version of MMD Multi-Model Version. The Akita Neru model can be imported from the newest version =)


    Wow!! thanks for the info i´ll download it right now

  • Hado

    Oh, heh. I thought you had to download seprate models.
    Thanks for the help.

  • chime

    waaaai ren kun~~ <333
    thx 4 uploading it ^^

  • Blackbladen

    Is the FL Chan model available for download (and hopefully use in MMD)?

    I just downloaded and tried out the new version, and both Neru and Meiko are in it :3

    FL Chan still would’ve been a nice bonus <3

  • Ace

    Neru and Meiko?

  • Blackbladen

    Yeah! I can take a screenshot if you’d like :3

    It looks like an older model though, she’s wearing a cute frilly dress instead of the skin-tight one.

  • Ace

    Oooh! Mecchan! > w <

    It’s uh.. the younger Meiko.

    Post it in the forum, if you can. = w =
    I insists.

  • Hado

    Ohh, now KAITO’s in it!
    How outstanding!

  • Kristi

    Is there an English version?

  • strawberry

    Ah! I cant understand it. Boo! I just i’m just gonna have ta look around a bit for an english one.

  • Rikka

    Hey thanks for posting this! I had a really hard time finding MMD and your blog post helped alot Uhm i thought i should let you know that Luka teto Luna and Mako are available here http://www.meisjesbeeld.net/mmd may i ask how to get FL chan?

    • amber

      umm if they r there, could u explain to em how to download it because 1/2 the page is in japanese…..^^;;

  • Ace

    @ Strawberry:
    There is also an english version in the source site.

    @ Rikka:
    Thanks, It could be included in the next post if Kevin wished for it.

  • Hatsune Miku

    Is there an ENGLISH version of the MULTI-MODEL one?

  • Ace


    No, unfortunately. But there is a fan-made of it, if I remember correctly. Kindly ask it on the forum:

  • Ace

    Correction, “@Hatsune Miku”
    Please refrain from using characters name, sometimes it’s confusing.

  • Rikka

    Thanks Ace your always so helpfull! ^..^

  • Meikofan12123

    does any one have like a translate for the multi-model one?
    i dont mean a english VERSION i mean like a screenshot with english translations.

  • aces_of_the_sky

    There is an english version for the multi model one.

    For translations I can’t give it because I’m not using MMD in anyway.

  • Skyuru

    … The MMD Multi-Model linked doesn’t match the images I’ve seen of MMD Multi-Model 3.21
    Why is that? It confused me since I already knew the 3.21 model shown in the article… I also wasn’t able to add characters to it.

  • Zephyrite

    Honestly, an FL-Chan model would be amazing. I would also be very grateful if someone could provide a link to the full Gackpoid model, not just the chibi one. Thanks in advance!

  • nova

    um whats up with the registration system here? its not letting me register at all says my email is already in use and that isnt true cause i never got the registration thing as it never sends it

  • fl-lover

    is kio's fl-chan really for mmd

  • Emily

    i have windows do u have a link i can get and download this?

  • Philipe

    Uhm…If you want the pic just right click on the picture and select "copy". Then, simply go to a picture editing program of some sort and paste it there, and save….

  • Sophie

    how do u get music for mmd

    • Black Bladen

      You can use any audio file that's in WAV format. If it's not in that format you'll have to convert it yourself, then import it into MMD.

    • Sponge

      MMD music is imported from WAV files (As far as I can see), by selecting " File>Load WAV" . Also, if you happen to have "Vocaloid" (As I do) and have created a song (VSQ file), you can lip sync your models, so they can actually sing your songs.

      Not done any of these personally, only just got it, been working things out.

  • Sponge

    Seems a lot of you guys are looking for an english translated version of Mikumikudance multi model version.

    Not sure if links are allowed in comments, but i'll post it anyways.

    That link has the translated versions – Has the option to convert everything to english. It's all explained quite well for a fan-slate (Excuse the pun :P)

    Hope that helped you guys.

  • Marie

    Damn winrar file formatting doesn't work….

  • dddd

    what the heck ? ace you told hatsune miku that there isnt an english version of the multimodel one but aces of the sky said there is o_O

  • :o that site wont work when we download the mmd muitl modle it just wont work help us :'(

  • the vpvp multi model version wont work on us so we dont know how to get it TT.TT SOS !!!!!! help

  • mantis girl

    how do i download and register the english version of mikumikudance? >-<

  • Katy-Sama

    Wow i download it ? >–<

  • Ugaditektoya

    Блядь. В этой программе чёрт ногу сломит…

  • Blobblerglop

    How do you though? -_o

  • blobberglop

    I only get polygon movie maker how do you get mmd actual..?

  • iNeedApmm!!

    where do you get the pmm?

  • jordan

    hey how to download this game ?

  • Rain Rose

    how u get it? does it cost anythin???

    • samth1815

      nope, MMD is completely free!

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