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AHS Announces June 18 Release Date for VOCALOID4 Nekomura Iroha and miki

VOCALOID4 Nekomura Iroha and miki Package DesignsAccording to a press release from AH-Software, VOCALOID4 updated versions of Nekomura Iroha and miki will be released on June 18. VOCALOID4 Nekomura Iroha will come in Natural and Soft versions, with the former being an augmented version of the original VOCALOID2 sound bank and the latter being an all-new sound bank for more gentle singing. VOCALOID4 miki will only have a Natural sound back, being an upgraded version of the original one. Each product will come with MMD models of the respective characters, Music Maker Silver (a simplified DAW), Charamin Studio 90 Day Version (for animations), Video Easy SE (for video editing) as well as a demo version of VOCALOID4 Editor. Demo songs for Iroha and miki can be found on AH-Software’s official SoundCloud account. Pricing is as follows (sales tax is additional):

Product Boxed Package Download Upgrade AH-Soft Customers
Iroha Natural 10800 JPY 8000 JPY 6000 JPY 8500 JPY
Iroha Soft 10800 JPY 8000 JPY 6000 JPY 8500 JPY
Iroha Complete 17800 JPY 10800 JPY 14800 JPY
Iroha Starter 23800 JPY 16800 JPY 20800 JPY
miki Natural 9800 JPY 7000 JPY 5000 JPY 8000 JPY
miki Starter 16000 JPY 11000 JPY 14000 JPY

Upgrade pricing is for registered owners of the respective VOCALOID2 versions. AH-Soft special pricing is for registered owners of any AH-Software product. Iroha Complete includes both sound banks and the Starter versions also include the full version of VOCALOID4 Editor.

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AH-Software Announces VOCALOID4 Updates to Catalog

AH-Software VOCALOID4 Characters
During Yamaha’s product announcement live stream, AH-Software announced VOCALOID4 versions of their VOCALOID2 catalog—Kaai Yuki, Kiyoteru, SFA2 Miki and Nekomura Iroha. Furthermore, a VOCALOID4 version of Yuzuki Yukari is also in progress, featuring a new whisper voice. According to the latest blog post, the VOCALOID4 version of Yuzuki Yukari will have two voice banks—the normal one and a whisper one. The normal bank will essentially be the same as the VOCALOID3 version, but with growl added. The whisper bank is named “On” (“穏”, which means calm in Japanese). A demo snippet as well as a high resolution image are included in that blog post.

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Yuzuki Yukari With German Interface Coming Soon

During its latest set of live streams, AH-Soft has announced that their VOCALOID3 sound bank Yuzuki Yukari will soon be available for sale through German channels. According to a clarifying tweet, the actual voice bank will remain the same, but this version will have a German language user interface. Furthermore, AH-Soft will be making an appearance at the CES and NAMM trade shows, both of which are taking place in January 2013. CES, which shows off the latest electronic gadgets, will be held in Las Vegas from January 8 to 11 and is open to the public, whereas NAMM, focused on music products, will be held in Anaheim from January 24 to 27 and is industry-only. Participation by AH-Soft in these events fits very neatly with the plan outlined in the VOCALOID Trans-Pacific Project presentation. In other news, on the first anniversary of Yuzuki Yukari’s release, her voice provider was finally revealed to be Ishiguro Chihiro, who has had a few small roles in anime since 2007.

Tohoku Zunko VOICEROID+ Software Gets Release Date

According to a press release from AH-Soft, makers of several VOCALOID sound banks and the VOICEROID line of speech synthesis programs, the VOICEROID+ software package for Tohoku Zunko will go on sale on September 28. She was originally created to help promote the recovery of the Tohoku region and her character is based on zundamochi, which is a traditional sweet in the Tohoku region made from green soybean paste. After registering with the parent company, companies in the Tohoku region can use her character freely in advertisements and such. Derivative doujin works are also allowed. Zunko’s VOICEROID+ is voiced by Satou Satomi (voice of Tainaka Ritsu from K-ON!), and the software itself has been upgraded compared to previous VOICEROID+ programs, with improvements to the UI, the ability to adjust strength of intonation, the ability to insert pauses directly into the tuning screen, and the ability to directly use ruby pronunciation markers in the text. Furthermore it can now read up to 4x speed and can output 22.1kHz sample-rate audio files. An exVOICE pack of samples is also included, which consist of her saying some specific lines as well as place names, etc. The software is available for preorder right now and is 8980 JPY on the AHS Store with a 1000 JPY discount for repeat customers. Voice samples can be found on the official website.

YuyuSequencer Allows Creation of Simple Yuzuki Yukari Songs Online


Unveiled during an AH-Software broadcast on Ustream, VOCALOMAKETS has now added two online flash applications for making short snippets of songs with the Yuzuki Yukari voice bank to their website: YuyuSequencer Plus and YuyuSequencer. Finished songs can be shared via Twitter, Facebook or mixi and they are transferred via a plain text format called “YuyuSeq Code”. An English interface is supposedly coming soon.
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Yuzuki Yukari crossfade and design sketches posted

small picture of the sketches

In preparation for her going on sale on the 22nd, a roughly eight-minute crossfade of several (previously uploaded) Yuzuki Yukari songs have been posted on the VOCALOMAKETS site as well a set of design sketches by her character designer Ayakura Juu, which include amongst other things a picture of a fluffy bunny tail popping out to match the rest of her bunny-inspired outfit and an armband with “She unites you all with her voice.” written on the inside.

Nekomura Iroha Illustration Contest!

Iroha as Shown on the Contest Page

It seems as though AH-Software have also been getting into the holiday season, and have decided to launch an illustration contest for Nekomura Iroha. They’ve invited everyone to participate, so read on and check it out!

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Happy 2nd Birthday to Yuki, miki, and Kiyoteru!



Today marks a special day for our Three Musketeers as we celebrate the second anniversary of AH-Software’s debut Vocaloids. Be sure to bring three cakes with you and read on after the break.

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AH-Software details bundle options for Yuzuki Yukari

In addition to announcing a VOICEROID+ version of Yuzuki Yukari (where she talks instead of sings), AH-Software has now posted a dizzying array of possible bundle options for both VOCALOID3 and VOICEROID+ versions of her. The base price for the VOCALOID3 version is 11800 JPY, with the VOICEROID+ and VOCALOID3 Editor coming in at 9800 JPY each. Only bundles purchased on the official AH-Software store or purchased by existing users of AH-Software products seem to receive discounts. Notably, the “Starter Pack” version is 3800 JPY cheaper on the official store (comparable to some of the other VOCALOID3 products) and 5800 JPY cheaper for existing users. A bundle of VOICEROID+ and VOCALOID3 without the editor is 4800 JPY cheaper on the official store and 5800 JPY cheaper for existing users. Finally, a bundle of all three comes in at 25800 JPY for the store and 23800 JPY for existing users.
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Kiyoteru’s Band: Official ICE MOUNTAIN Guidebook


An official guidebook on ICE MOUNTAIN was released on August 25, giving more information about Kiyoteru and his four bandmates. ICE MOUNTAIN’s official website has also been created. Read on if you want to know everything about ICE MOUNTAIN!

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