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5th Anniversary of Hatsune Miku CGM Award Contest

Sapporo International Short Film Festival and Market(Sapporo Short Fest) is holding a contest for users to create videos and short films for Hatsune Miku’s upcoming 5th anniversary. Videos that are submitted will be selected by a committee, and those selected will be screened at the main theater of the Sapporo Short Fest. One CGM grand prix winner and two winners of the CGM award will then be selected. The deadline for the contest is July 10th and you can submit your works here on their submission page.

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CreCrew Hosting A Design Contest

CreCrew, run by SBSArtech, is hosting a design contest for SeeU goods. You must use either SeeU’s logo, her original design, her SD character, and CreCrew’s mascot which will should all be available in SeeU’s official website shortly. The original image can be seen below along with the rules and the logo, original design, SD character, and CreCrew’s mascot.
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Bruno and Clara Fanart Contest Winners!

Bruno and Clara's official art

About a month ago, Vocatro Labs launched a fanart contest for their Spanish Vocaloids Bruno and Clara. To recap, submissions closed and voting started on the 11th of December. Voting closed on the 17th, and Vocatro announced the winners on the 19th. Want to see the winners? Keep reading!
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Nekomura Iroha Illustration Contest!

Iroha as Shown on the Contest Page

It seems as though AH-Software have also been getting into the holiday season, and have decided to launch an illustration contest for Nekomura Iroha. They’ve invited everyone to participate, so read on and check it out!

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Bruno and Clara Fanart Contest!

Bruno and Clara's current official art

Voctro Labs, the company behind recently announced Spanish Vocaloids Bruno and Clara, have launched an official fanart contest! If Voctro sees fit, the winning fanart may become Bruno and Clara’s new official art. Prizes will also be awarded for first and second place. Read on for more details!
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Miku’s US Design and Banner Contest Winners Announced

PIAPRO x NEW PEOPLE Contest Banner

PIAPRO x NEW PEOPLE Contest Banner

The winners for PIAPRO’S contest for a US design of Miku and JAPANTOWN banner design have been announced! Read on to view the winning submissions.

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New Contests for Hatsune Miku U.S. Version and Banners and New People are collaborating to hold a contest to decide on a design for Hatsune Miku U.S. Version, along with a banner design for the J-POP SUMMIT Festival. Read on for more details.

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Extreme Makeover: Sonika Edition

Women.  Am I right, guys?

Women. Am I right, guys?

I guess it would be safe to say that Sonika has been getting a bit of a cult following.  To her credit, she has the most well-defined personality of any Vocaloid on Earth, and it’s that personality that Zero-G is playing up in its new contest.  It’s quite simple, really: Sonika wants a makeover.  Give her one, and she’s yours forever!  How sweet is that?

Of course by “she’s yours forever,” I actually mean “you get a copy of Sonika Software,” but what’s the difference?  Anyway, rules are here, so send in your drawings and prepare your guest room…I mean hard drive.

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