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Happy Birthday, Prima, LEON and LOLA!

Busy time of the year for Zero-G Engloids, as three of them are having their birthdays only one day apart. Join us to celebrate Prima, LEON and LOLA’s birthday!

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PowerFX Vocaloid3 Update

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PowerFX steps it up for the Engloids regarding Vocaloid3

On August 20th, PowerFX CEO Bil Bryant made a statement to the Engloids blog stating a potential price and release date of their first Vocaloid3 product.  In an effort to get more details about this release, I contacted PowerFX on behalf of Vocaloidism.  Their reply, made by Production Manager Andreas Tyson, is somewhat different.

redemption2:  Is the software on target for its release date?   If not, when is the new release date?
Tyson:  Yes, and we are aiming for an early November release.

redemption2:  Will this voicebank be released as the others have been in Taiwan?
Tyson:  Yes it will.

This release date is a revision from the initial reports on the Engloids blog, which stated an approximate release date around October 1st.  And, try as I might I could not get any information as to the character model, or even a silhouette.  They are keeping a very tight lid on this new character.  I suppose we will have to wait until November to see what they pull out of their hat.

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