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Bruno and Clara Fanart Contest Winners!

Bruno and Clara's official art

About a month ago, Vocatro Labs launched a fanart contest for their Spanish Vocaloids Bruno and Clara. To recap, submissions closed and voting started on the 11th of December. Voting closed on the 17th, and Vocatro announced the winners on the 19th. Want to see the winners? Keep reading!
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Nekomura Iroha Illustration Contest!

Iroha as Shown on the Contest Page

It seems as though AH-Software have also been getting into the holiday season, and have decided to launch an illustration contest for Nekomura Iroha. They’ve invited everyone to participate, so read on and check it out!

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Bruno and Clara Fanart Contest!

Bruno and Clara's current official art

Voctro Labs, the company behind recently announced Spanish Vocaloids Bruno and Clara, have launched an official fanart contest! If Voctro sees fit, the winning fanart may become Bruno and Clara’s new official art. Prizes will also be awarded for first and second place. Read on for more details!
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