Interview with 1st PLACE at Anime Expo 2015

IA Press Conference
During Anime Expo 2015, we had the chance to sit down with 1st PLACE‘s CEO Murayama Kumiko and ask her a few questions regarding the VOCALOID sound bank and character IA. During this interview, she explained their approach to marketing IA as well as the possibility for an English version.
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Mekaku City Records Tops Oricon Charts 3 Days in a Row

Jin (Shizen no TekiP)’s latest album, Mekaku City Records, has managed to top Oricon’s daily album rankings for three consecutive days with a total of 58,122 copies sold (as of May 31). Initially debuting at the number two spot, consistent sales allowed it to easily overtake the number one position the following day. The album features the use of 1st PLACE’s IA VOCALOID library.

Mekaku City Records was released on May 29 and is the final album in the highly popular Kagerou Project series. Its predecessor, Mekaku City Days, debuted at the number four spot and ranked at number six on the weekly charts.

The question is… will sales continue to be strong enough for it to top the coveted weekly rankings? Only two other VOCALOID albums have done so: EXIT TUNES PRESENTS Vocalogenesis feat. Hatsune Miku (released May 19, 2010) and EXIT TUNES Presents Vocalonexus feat. Hatsune Miku (released January 19, 2011).

[UPDATE (06/03)] As expected, Mekaku City Records topped the weekly album rankings. Congratulations! It is now the third VOCALOID album to place first on the weekly charts in Oricon history. In addition, it now has the distinction of being the first album from a solo Nico Nico Douga artist to top the weekly charts.

IA, Yukari and Lapis Added to VOCALOID3 Contest

VOCALOID3 voice banks IA -ARIA ON THE PLANETES-, Aoki Lapis and Yuzuki Yukari are now eligible for the VOCALOID3 Release Commemoration Contest. Users of Aoki Lapis will be eligible for a chance to win the i-style Project prize, which is an Aoki Lapis silver ring and Cubase. Furthermore, a few more prizes have been added and apply to all eligible soundbanks: a PV award of a Wacom Intuos5 Pen & Touch Medium with wireless kit (model no. PTH-650/K0) provided by VocaloPlus for 2 winners, a rookie award which lets one winner have an interview posted on Gekkayo as well as sheet music (as long as they haven’t been on Gekkayo before), and a Lawson award which will have the winning entry played in Lawson convenience stores for a month. Furthermore, 1st PLACE is holding a competition where winners can have their songs featured in the upcoming IA/02 CD, and IA songs entered into YAMAHA’s competition will automatically be entered into this competition.

IA to have new uploads every day until release

IA -ARIA ON THE PLANETES- to go on sale on January 27

The IA -ARIA ON THE PLANETES- webpage has been updated with three uploads — the full Tori no Uta and short samples of ShizenNoTekiP’s Headphone Actor and nekobolo’s Liar (a new song) produced with the finalized version of the voice bank. According to the official Twitter account, new uploads will happen once a day until the day of release, January 27. The full versions of the sample songs will be included in the compilation album IA/1.0.0 that comes with the sound bank and the .vsqx file for this version of Tori no Uta and the corresponding instrumental audio file will be included as well.

UPDATE: Samples of the finalized soundbank versions of Taishi’s Falling Apart and Ishiburo’s Shounen wa Kyoushitsu ga Kirai Datta no Da have also been uploaded along with kikuo’s Chirichirijun and yusukeP’s Melting Glacier.
UPDATE2: Samples of Jun Maeda’s (song writer from Key and also creator behind Angel Beats) tale of the tree, void’s Cafe Latte, Nhato’s Asu no Hikari and kyotnP’s alphabeat have been uploaded. Furthermore, new wallpapers will be uploaded each day until release as well, and there’s currently one so far.
UPDATE3: Two more wallpapers have been added, as well as a sample of SN Ratio’s SUPER WORLD (including a PV) and CYTOKINE’s And around you.
UPDATE4: A sample of the IA version of My Soul, Your Beats! using the original instrumentals has been uploaded as well as a new wallpaper.

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