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Cool Japan Festival with IA & Wagakki Band at Anime Expo 2015

Fans gathered at Club Nokia on a hot July 4 afternoon to watch both IA and Wagakki Band perform at the Cool Japan Festival presented by Anime Expo. IA appeared in many different outfits on a transparent projection screen as she sang nine songs, joined by a live band as well as two dancers. Her performance was followed by an energetic show from Wagakki Band as they rocked out to both VOCALOID cover songs (e.g. from Vocalo Zanmai) and their new originals. We’ve compiled a detailed play-by-play of the concert for this live report, and we would like to thank Cool Japan as well as Beautiful Day Media for giving us an opportunity to cover this event.

Photo Credit: Kaori Suzuki Photo Credit: Keiko Tanabe
Performers IA (left, photo credit: Kaori Suzuki) and Wagakki Band (right, photo credit: Keiko Tanabe)

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Official VOCALOID Facebook Page Released


A few days ago the official VOCALOID website announced the English VOCALOID Facebook.
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Gekkayo posts raw VOCALOID3 comparisons

In time with the release of the magazine “Gekkayo VOCALOID fan Vol. 4” (a magazine/book hybrid, i.e. “mook”, containing tutorial, interviews, sheet music and other info), a collection of “raw” VOCALOID3 audio from a plethora of sound banks have been uploaded to Nico Nico Douga as well. These are all of the same short song where the vocals were created by directly inputting the notes and syllables into the VOCALOID3 software with no tweaking or tuning involved. Outside of mixing with the backing instruments, the audio for the vocals has not been processed in any other way (e.g. via a compressor or EQ) after synthesis. The sound banks demonstrated were: IA, CUL, Mew, SeeU, VY1V3, Tone Rion, and Yuzuki Yukari. These samples accompany a section in the book that compares these seven sound banks.

1st PLACE posts usage guidelines regarding IA

IA banner image

After uploading banner images which can be used freely on websites as long as there’s no aim at financial gain, 1st PLACE has now posted usage guidelines concerning IA -ARIA ON THE PLANETES-, both for the character herself and for songs created using the soundbank. The guidelines are divided into two categories — one for noncommercial/individual use and one for commercial/corporate use. For individual use, the restrictions are quite relaxed, effectively requiring only that no third parties’ rights and/or public decency, etc. are violated. Restrictions with regards to commercial use are slightly more stringent, but guidelines for both cases are still less stringent than comparable policies from Crypton Future Media regarding Hatsune Miku, etc. The following is a rough translation of the IA usage guidelines.
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Recent IA happenings

With IA songs doing fairly well in daily and weekly VOCALOID rankings, a new song using the beta of IA has been released (this one also using a gender value of 64), freesia, a house track by MisoshiruP (Kenichi Chiba). Furthermore, nioP’s Yumemigokochi from the IA demo tracks trailer is also up on Nico Nico Douga now. IA is currently available for preorder on YAMAHA’s website. In slightly related news, Lia herself also sang Meteo (and there’s an IA cover as well), which will be included in the IA/00 2CD set for Comiket. It also happened to be her birthday today (the 20th of December); happy birthday! Lastly, some fun things and wacky hijinks have been happening with Nhato’s Asu no Hikari and Taishi’s Falling Apart.

UPDATE: Vegemix Beats (katsu and Sumijun) has uploaded a eurobeat song featuring IA, titled Feel Happiness~birth~.
UPDATE 2: The track list for the IA/00 album is now up along with samples for all the tracks except the karaoke ones. In addition to the tracks that have been revealed so far, there will also be a track called Lost Summer (5th track) by Kobayashi Onyx (of Saihate fame) and Melody (8th track) by KurumiJun, who has previously made one “Mikunopop” track before.

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More incoming IA songs

Cover of IA/00Two more songs using a beta version of IA has been released. Both are rock songs and have tweaked gender settings (there is a setting in VOCALOID software to tweak formant positions, which changes how male or female a voicebank sounds). The first song, Headphone Actor, is by Jin (ShizenNoTekiP) and has gender tweaked to 45. The second song, Shounen wa Kyoushitsu ga Kirai Datta no Da, is by Ishiburo with a gender value of 25. Furthermore, Queens Label, Lia’s record label, is releasing a two-disc set titled IA/00 at the Visual Art’s booth during Comiket 81. One disc will be a compilation of songs sung by IA, with many styles ranging from rock and pop to trance and healing music. The other (bonus) disc is by Lia and includes her cover of Meteo, which was supposedly quite hard to sing.

YAMAHA compiles list of VOCALOID3 winter releases

VOCALOID3 winter lineup

YAMAHA has posted on their site a list of upcoming VOCALOID3-related releases for the winter season which include pricing and release dates. TONE RION, SeeU, VOCALOID-P data series vol.2, Yuzuki Yukari and CUL are arriving in December, and IA is arriving in January.
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IA alights on January 27

IA -ARIA ON THE PLANETES- package illustration
The official website for IA -ARIA ON THE PLANETES- is now online with character illustrations and information about the upcoming VOCALOID3 sound library based on well-known anime and game song singer Lia. According to a post by Yamaha about upcoming releases, the new software is set to be released on January 27, 2012 in two formats — a standalone library that comes with Tiny VOCALOID3 Editor for 12800 JPY and a starter pack that bundles the full VOCALOID3 Editor at 19800 JPY.

UPDATE: A sample has been added to the official page. It is a “beta” of IA (not the final version of the library) singing Tori no Uta and has been tuned. Furthermore, since it uses the original song’s instrumental, the website cautions that Lia’s original chorus harmony can be heard as well. The developers are planning to include the .vsqx file for the final version with the software release.
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