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Interview with 1st PLACE at Anime Expo 2015

IA Press Conference
During Anime Expo 2015, we had the chance to sit down with 1st PLACE‘s CEO Murayama Kumiko and ask her a few questions regarding the VOCALOID sound bank and character IA. During this interview, she explained their approach to marketing IA as well as the possibility for an English version.
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Interview with Wagakki Band at Anime Expo 2015

Wagakki Band, an eight member group that fuses together traditional Japanese instruments and rock music, performed in Los Angeles last weekend for the first time in America at Anime Expo 2015’s Cool Japan Festival. Their members are Yuko Suzuhana (vocals), Kiyoshi Ibukuro (koto), Daisuke Kaminaga (shakuhachi), Beni Ninagawa (tsugaru shamisen), Kurona (wadaiko), Machiya (guitar), Asa (bass), and Wasabi (drums).

They got their start covering VOCALOID songs on niconico and their cover of Senbonzakura has over 20 million views on YouTube. Recently, they have written original songs for the anime Samurai Warriors as well as the spin-off live-action web drama Attack on Titan: Hangeki no Noroshi. Vocaloidism got a chance to interview them last week.

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A Very VOCALO.ID Interview


We normally don’t talk about the Indonesian Vocaloid scene around here (which is actually sort of odd) but that may all change quite soon.  Some of the country’s most fertile music minds have come together to produce VOCALO.ID, a collaboration album set to greet the world on June 1.

I was able to sit down with some of the brain trust behind the album to talk about them and their work.  Despite various technical issues (I think we all learned a valuable lesson about interviews over Yahoo Messenger), there was plenty of juicy interview-y goodness, and it’s all below the cut.

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Interview with Rockleetist

Image Source: Rockleetist

It’s been awhile since Vocaloidism spoke with Rockleetist, so we decided to catch up with the famous singer and bring her in for an interview.

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DECO*27 Interview

Source: Luvits!

DECO*27 recently gave an interview to the Japanese website “Luvits!”, promoting his latest album “Aimai Elegy” (“Love-Lost Elegy”). This interview was translated by vgboy, who kindly allowed us to use his work. Go check his site for more interviews!

Ready? Jump!

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Asami Shimoda Interview

Source: 週刊アスキー

On the occasion of the Kagamine Append release, Asami Shimoda, the voice actor who provided the voices for the Kagamines, gave an interview to the Japanese website “Shuu-asu”. She was joined by Wataru Sasaki, the creator of Miku, and the person who’s in charge of the Vocaloid products at Crypton. Follow us after the break to take a look behind the scenes of the Kagamines voicebanks’ creation and release! Read More…

An Interview with DoofusP

Circus Monster and Sub-Characters

Source: Kami-chan

In recent Vocaloid news, a P known as matt9five appeared on the Vocaran with the song “Circus Monster,” shown below.  This was quite a surprise and an achievement to the English-speaking Vocaloid community.  I recently had the pleasure to sit down and message matt9five, who prefers to be called DoofusP.  DoofusP has been a Vocaloid contributor on Youtube for many years in almost all aspects, from covers to original music to Miku Miku Dance creations and back again.  Most recently, his original creation “Circus Monster” breached the Weekly Vocaran, reaching 110th place in Week 169, 14th in 170, and 31st in 171.  His exclusive interview with Vocaloidism regarding his experience in this groundbreaking event is after the break.

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iLOUD’s Interview with minato (Ryuusei-P)

Cover image for minato's latest album "magnet -favorite plus" by yunomi

Recently iLOUD has carried out a interview with minato (Ryuusei-P) as we get to know more about the person behind popular Vocaloid songs such as “RIP=RELEASE” and “magnet” as he talks about his latest album “magnet -favorites plus-” as well. To know more about the interview just continue reading after the break~ Read More…

Interview With Zero-G’s Dom Keefe (Vocaloid Production)

Image source: 豆柴

Earlier on Engloids’ Blog was able to carry out an interview with a staff from Zero-G as they talk about the development of Sonika, what plans they have for their older Vocaloids and a bit about Tonio as well. Read up on the interview right after the jump! Read More…

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