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Asami Shimoda at Kawaii Kon 2016

Shimoda and Wilkerson at Opening CeremoniesVoice actress Asami Shimoda attended this year’s Kawaii Kon as a guest of honor, holding autograph sessions and Q&A panels on April 8–9 at the Hawaii Convention Center in Honolulu. Affectionately called “Asapon” by her fans, Shimoda has played many roles in anime and games, but she is known mainly for the twins Ami and Mami Futami from the Idolmaster series as well as Vocaloid characters Kagamine Rin and Len. During the autograph sessions, she also talked briefly with fans and had pictures taken together, while the Q&A panels led to her discussing various aspects of her personal life and career, including how she became the voice behind Kagamine Rin/Len and what it was like during the recording process.

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Kagamine Rin/Len V4X Webpage Updated With Pricing, Demo Song and Sound Bank List

Crypton updated the official webpage for the upcoming Kagamine Rin/Len V4X today, adding more information to the original teaser site. Rin/Len V4X, slated for a late December 2015 release, will be available at a 17280 JPY price point (including tax), whereas a bundle version that also includes the English voice banks comes in at 21600 JPY; the English Rin/Len V4X comes in at 12960 JPY standalone and doesn’t include Piapro Studio. Download versions of Rin/Len V4X, the English voice banks and the bundle will be released on SONICWIRE. Discount pricing (25% off) will be available through June 30, 2016 for currently registered users of Kagamine Rin/Len V2, at 12960 JPY for the standard package and 16200 JPY for the bundle package that includes English. Preorders for the packaged versions also start today, and people interested in the download version can sign up to be notified by email when the download will be ready.

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MIKUBOOK Soliciting Rin/Len Birthday Messages

With the 5th year anniversary of Kagamine Rin/Len release coming up on the 27th, MIKUBOOK is now asking fans to submit their messages and/or photos congratulating the twins’ birthday. Submissions will be used on a special page that will go live on December 27. Previously, Crypton ran a similar campaign for Miku’s birthday as well.

EDIT: For their birthday, MIKUBOOK now has a special mini-game where you can have Miku provide backing harmony for Rin and Len performing ToraborutaP’s “Omedetou” while the two dance on screen as MMD models rendered using WebGL.

Mikupa Hong Kong and Taiwan, Part One

Hatsune Miku and friends recently held two sets of concerts, with one set in Hong Kong on October 2 and one set in Taiwan on October 6. Each venue featured both afternoon and evening concerts, and the concerts blasted through 23 songs and one encore song in Hong Kong, with Taiwan getting an additional encore song. The full set list is now available on MIKUBOOK. Furthermore, there were many meetups held, especially in Taiwan, where there was an unofficial pre-party as well as both official and unofficial after parties. Part one of this report will detail the happenings during the Hong Kong concert.
Day Two Report (Taiwan Pre-Party)
Day Three Report (Taiwan)
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MIKUBOOK Reaches 1 Million Faves, Posts Top 20 Ranking

According to a post on Facebook, Crypton Future Media’s social networking web app MIKUBOOK has reached a stage where users have collectively made over one million “faves”. In celebration, a link visible to logged-in users drops in some fanfare before proceeding to a ranking of the top 20 songs as of the 1 million fave mark.
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Upcoming VOCALOID game soliciting art

PIAPRO x Project MMT Collaboration Banner

PIAPRO and the development team for SEGA’s upcoming Project MMT (provisional title) game are holding a new contest to solicit artwork to be included in the game. Winners, in addition to having their art included, will also receive prizes from SEGA as well. Artwork must be uploaded on PIAPRO with specific locked tags before the deadline in order to qualify.
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Happy 4th Birthday, Kagamine Rin and Len!

Rin & Len by Bunnychan

Rin & Len by Bunnychan

Four years ago on this day the first yellow Vocaloids we have come to know and love were released to the public. Since then they have come to take over many hearts. Please join us as we celebrate Rin and Len’s fourth anniversary!

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Kagamine Rin and Len Cheerful ver. Nendoroids Announced: UPDATED

Kagamine Rin & Len Cheerful ver. Nendoroids

Kagamine Rin & Len Cheerful ver. Nendoroids

Mikatan has just revealed on her blog that part four of the Cheerful JAPAN! project will be Cheerful versions of the Kagamine Rin and Len Nendoroids. Continue reading for all the information.

UPDATE: Pre-order links have been added. Please check near the bottom for the links.

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ACUTE and IMITATION BLACK Reach One Million Views!

Image source: 快音


May has been a fruitful month for the Vocaloids, Toyota Miku, samples of new voicebanks, the Charity song project and many more… But, I think I could fairly say this May has bought the most million hits than all of this year months combined! xD

So, I’ll cut to the chase, ACUTE and IMITATION BLACK both reached one million views!

Well, let’s get to the details, so stay with us after the break:
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New Groove Pullip Dolls

Groove has recently announced Miku to their Pullip line and Rin and Len their DAL line.

These beautiful fashion dolls will be released in April 2011 at 13,650 yen a piece. You can get them at Hobby Search for 11,050 yen (roughly 133 USD): Miku, Rin, and Len.

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