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AHS Announces June 18 Release Date for VOCALOID4 Nekomura Iroha and miki

VOCALOID4 Nekomura Iroha and miki Package DesignsAccording to a press release from AH-Software, VOCALOID4 updated versions of Nekomura Iroha and miki will be released on June 18. VOCALOID4 Nekomura Iroha will come in Natural and Soft versions, with the former being an augmented version of the original VOCALOID2 sound bank and the latter being an all-new sound bank for more gentle singing. VOCALOID4 miki will only have a Natural sound back, being an upgraded version of the original one. Each product will come with MMD models of the respective characters, Music Maker Silver (a simplified DAW), Charamin Studio 90 Day Version (for animations), Video Easy SE (for video editing) as well as a demo version of VOCALOID4 Editor. Demo songs for Iroha and miki can be found on AH-Software’s official SoundCloud account. Pricing is as follows (sales tax is additional):

Product Boxed Package Download Upgrade AH-Soft Customers
Iroha Natural 10800 JPY 8000 JPY 6000 JPY 8500 JPY
Iroha Soft 10800 JPY 8000 JPY 6000 JPY 8500 JPY
Iroha Complete 17800 JPY 10800 JPY 14800 JPY
Iroha Starter 23800 JPY 16800 JPY 20800 JPY
miki Natural 9800 JPY 7000 JPY 5000 JPY 8000 JPY
miki Starter 16000 JPY 11000 JPY 14000 JPY

Upgrade pricing is for registered owners of the respective VOCALOID2 versions. AH-Soft special pricing is for registered owners of any AH-Software product. Iroha Complete includes both sound banks and the Starter versions also include the full version of VOCALOID4 Editor.

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AHS Vocaloids Songs Now On KarenT

Source: Tahya

The record label owned by Crypton Future Media, KarenT, will now sell albums featuring AHS Vocaloids, except Iroha since she’s jointly owned by Sanrio. The first three albums/singles will be “Platinum Romance” by Re:nG (Miku-miki-Yuki version), “Clocks” by Peperon-P and “blue” by by Plutonius (HayakawaP).

KarenT allows only the songs featuring Vocaloids if the studios who made them allow it. It might be a while before we see the impact of this development but the fact that the P’s can now publish works on KarenT using these Vocaloids will make it easier for them to sell their works and for their works to get attention.

Sources: Vocaloid Wikia, Vocaloid Otaku.

2009 Vocaloidism Awards – Part 2

Welcome back to the Vocaloidism Awards.  Before we continue, I must say hello and welcome to those who were pointed to us by the Hatsune MikuMiku blog, who translated Part 1 of our show to Japanese. Whether it was to laud us or mock us is moot, because we like being famous. 日本語が苦手ですけど、日本のみんなあさん、いらしゃいませ。 m(_ _)m

Today, we announce the winners of last fortnight’s awards and announce the nominees for the Major Awards, but a surprise lies ahead.

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New Vocaloid “Kaai Yuki” And “Hiyama Kiyoteru” By AH-Software, New Demo Song for “Project if…”

New Vocaloid by AH-Software: Kaai Yuki (Left), Hiyama Kiyoteru (Right)

Following the news that there will be two new Vocaloid that will be released along with Miki, information from Hatsune Miku Miku blog has finally revealed the identities of the new Vocaloid as more information will be provided right after the break so do continue reading! Read More…

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