VY2 Release date!

Following VY1 we have VY2 which is a male voice!  I am sure many of you were hoping for a new male voice (considering the last one was Gachapoid), here he is! Too bad he does not have an official art, but he has a sexy sword that makes up for it right? Hit the jump to view more detailed information and a demo video!

The Vocaloid Store states that the main goal was trying to reach a realistic and stable singing voice.  VY2’s voice is also going to include a “faint breath” element, making it “more natural”. VY2 was developed by Bplats under Yamaha’s license; he’s being sold at a price of  11,800 JPY ( ~139 USD) and will be released April 25th, 2011. His recommended range is A1-E3 with a recommended tempo of 70-140 BPM. Below is the computer requirements.

  • Processor: Pentium4 2GHz/Athlon XP 2000 (Pentium4 2.8GHz/Athlon 64 2800)
  • OS:Windows 7/Vista/XP (7/Vista is recommended)
  • Hard Disk Size: 600MB or above
  • RAM/ Memory: 512MB or more (2GB recommended)
  • Need internet for activation

And here’s the new sample song:

Sources: MikuMiku & Vocaloid Store

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  • wow another VY series

  • Niji-tan

    Whoa. He's sounds AMAZING!! :'D Probably one of the most realistic~

  • Anonymous

    Wow, finally another male Vocaloid~
    Hopes to see good songs from VY2. It’s coming this April? I didn’t expect it to be fast…

  • Zakksu

    His voice is so smooth and suave, I can see what they meant by adding the "faint breath" thing. It's like he's actually "breathing" in to sing the next phrase or so. Very interesting…

    Ah if only he had an image…but that's ok. There's bound to be fanart of VY2 soon…in samurai get-up like Gakupo or something similar…x3

    I wonder if other vocaloids will get this new feature whenever they get an update? (Like Miku for example lol). Otherwise, amazing voice this new Vocaloid has…Welcome VY2!! I am sure you will be loved by all~! 8D

  • hellcove

    hmmm remind me of Gackpo and KAITO for some reason XD

  • Guest

    "I am sure many of you were hoping for a new male voice (considering the last one was Gachapoid)."

    Is that some sort of jab at Piko? ._.

    • Oh sorry! I did not mean to make it an insult. I was trying to remember the last male Vocaloid and Gatcha was the latest one I could remember!

  • kyaami

    i'm looking forward to this :)

  • Krystal

    Looks like Kaito isn't the only enka vocaloid anymore =w=

  • SBR

    The Vocaloid is a "it" not a "he".

    Though quite frankly, thats really hard to use so I don't see the point of bothering with the term "it".

  • Byakuren

    How lovely! I can't wait for VY2 to be released. I do quite enjoy the VY series of Vocaloids.

  • SingingRobotStalker

    I loved it until VY1 started singing.

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