Another Vocaloid Lily Demo Released!

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Before we start, let me say big thanks to Vocaloidism reader Lua for passing on this news. With the released date for new Vocaloid Lily (August 25th) fast approaching, it appears that Internet Co. Ltd. has readied yet another demo for her. With Gakupo once again doing some backup, the demo features Lily performing a cover of “Gamble Rumble”. This song was originally sung by her Voice Sampler, Yuri Masuda, and her band: m.o.v.e.. See their version of it here. Onto the demo:

Lily’s previous demo “Super Sonic Dance” ft. Gakupo can also be seen on NicoNicoDouga.

So what is everyone’s opinion of her so far? Have the two demos impressed or disappointed you? What do you think Lily’s strengths will be as she moves into the hands of producers next month? Discuss below:

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15 thoughts on “Another Vocaloid Lily Demo Released!”

  1. oh, I think her lower voice is much more suitable for her…I hope we see more of this. ^_^ However, I don't feel like any of these demos are doing her any good. We need something, I don't know what though, that'll add something to her voice.

  2. I'm unsure of what to think of her at the moment. I have a feeling that she's going to dominate some genre, but I can't figure out which.

  3. I loved the first demo, but I can't get past how horrible the remix is for this one. Her voice sounds fine, but the music…. Why, when the original was so awesome??

    1. Lol I thought the same thing, when I watched some original PV/concert clips I was like, "this is so much better". But yeah I actually think he voice was better in the 2nd demo just the music was so-so.

  4. Demos usually don't show the full potential of these voices. As such, I'm gonna wait for her release and see what producers do with her.

    1. Yeah I hope so, I would just think that they would try to put their best foot forward. Some of the Miku append demos were pretty stunning, the Miku Append Dark "Jidai" cover was and is still of my favorite songs done by her.

  5. They really didn't need to slow it down. Are they trying to say she can't sing super fast songs? :/

  6. I'm a bit disappointed regarding the voice mastering on the two demos. The words sound still fragmented and too artificial, it's not voyakiloid grade but clearly not the same quality of Miku ni shitte ageru which was the demo song for Miku release IIRC.
    No doubt producers will use her voice successfully, though.

    1. No, that wasn't Miku's demo song, it just was her most famous song. Her demo song was something else…I forgot, but it wasn't all that great.

  7. ..this demo has made me fully love lily now omg. <3 the first demo you couldn't really hear her voice so much. Yes this demo is a little… interesting, but at least we get to here her sing much differently right?
    Anyway I personally adore lily. <3 her Voice is so smooth and realistic, like gumi but at the same time lily sounds nothing like gumi.

    Also I heard there making a figure for Lily?

  8. The first Demo was a disappointment, the music was good but the voice was bad… this one is better but I'm not really impressed, I can't understand what she is saying either ._.
    However I do like the lower key she sings in

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