Hatsune Miku Expo in LA/NY Info Sheet (plus IA)

Hatsune Miku Expo

Hatsune Miku Expo

With the Los Angeles and New York Hatsune Miku Expo fast approaching, we’ve compiled a list of the relevant information, and we’ll be adding more and updating as needed. The schedule summarizes the events (NY events in blue and EDT, LA events in pink at PDT), and the following sections contain more detailed information on the events.

Update: Added IA event(s) (in NYC, EDT) due to popular demand.


When Where What
2014/10/08 11:35PM CBS Miku on Late Show with David Letterman
2014/10/09–10/14 NYCC Booth 422 Halloween Miku Nendoroid sales
2014/10/09–10/14 NYCC Booth 547 IA Merchandise Sales
2014/10/09–10/18 Kinokuniya Piapro Postcard Project exhibition
2014/10/09–10/19 Wallplay Exhibition 8AM–8PM, Store 12PM–8PM
2014/10/09 4PM Javitts 1A10 NYCC Hatsune Miku Panel (until 4:45PM)
2014/10/09 5:15PM Javitts 1A05 IA Film Concert (until 6:00PM)
2014/10/11 11:30AM LA Center Studios Exhibition doors open/DJ (actual hrs 12PM–7PM)
2014/10/11 12:15PM Candy Stage Opening Ceremonies
2014/10/11 12:30PM Pumpkin Dome Sky Light Theatre showing (every hr, last at 6:30PM)
2014/10/11 1PM Candy Stage Hatsune Miku Software Demonstration (until 3PM)
2014/10/11 2PM Candy Stage Karaoke (until 3:30PM)
2014/10/11 4PM Candy Stage Live Painting/DJ (until 6:30PM)
2014/10/11 6PM Nokia Theatre LA 1st Show (doors open)
2014/10/11 7PM Nokia Theatre LA 1st Show (concert starts)
2014/10/11 10PM Pumpkin Dome 18+ Halloween Dance Party (until 2AM)
2014/10/12 10AM LA Center Studios Exhibition doors open/DJ (actual hrs 10:30AM–6:30PM)
2014/10/12 10:30AM Candy Stage Live Painting/DJ (until 1PM)
2014/10/12 10:30AM Pumpkin Dome Sky Light Theatre showing (every hr, last at 5:30PM)
2014/10/12 11:30AM Nokia Theatre LA 2nd Show (doors open)
2014/10/12 12:30PM Nokia Theatre LA 2nd Show (concert starts)
2014/10/12 2PM Candy Stage Karaoke (until 3PM)
2014/10/12 6PM M Lounge Cool Japan Music 21+ After Party feat. IA (until 10PM)
2014/10/12 3:30PM Candy Stage SONICWIRE Samples Showcase (until 4PM)
2014/10/12 4PM Candy Stage DJ’TEKINA//SOMETHING (until 4:45PM)
2014/10/12 5PM Candy Stage Halloween Costume Contest (until 6PM)
2014/10/12 6:15PM Candy Stage Closing Ceremony
2014/10/13 1PM Wallplay tokidoki Signing Tickets (limit 50)
2014/10/13 3PM Wallplay tokidoki Signing (ticket required, until 5PM)
2014/10/17–10/18 Wallplay Halloween Miku Nendoroid sales
2014/10/17 7PM Hammerstein NY 1st Show (doors open)
2014/10/17 8:30PM Hammerstein NY 1st Show (concert starts)
2014/10/18 5PM Hammerstein NY 2nd Show (doors open)
2014/10/18 6:30PM Hammerstein NY 2nd Show (concert starts)


A total of four concerts are planned. Electronic glow sticks will not be allowed; only chemical glow sticks six inches and shorter will be allowed. From publicized rehearsal footage, it is believed that the following songs will be included in the setlist: Guitar Hero Piano Zero’s Glass Wall, whoo’s Parades, Dixie Flatline and rockleetist’s Just Be Friends (English version) and supercell’s World is Mine. Each concert is estimated to run roughly 2–2.5 hours, similar to Miku Expo in Indonesia, which had 3×9=27 songs in the setlist.

  • Los Angeles 1st Show
    • On Saturday, October 11, 2014
    • At the Nokia Theatre L.A. LIVE
    • Doors open at 6PM, concert starts at 7PM, expected to end at ~9:30PM
    • Tickets sold through AXS
    • Ticket Status:
      $125+ Miku Love VIP Package (NOT the VIP Experience) SOLD OUT
      $75+ Miku Love Area AVAILABLE (starting at row RR in Orch Right Center)
      $65+ Gold AVAILABLE (starting at row L in Loge Right Center and row B in Loge Right)
      $55+ Silver AVAILABLE (starting at row N in Loge Left)
  • Los Angeles 2nd Show
    • On Sunday, October 12, 2014
    • At the Nokia Theatre L.A. LIVE
    • Doors open at 11:30AM, concert starts at 12:30PM
    • Tickets sold through AXS
    • Ticket Status:
      $125+ Miku Love VIP Package (NOT the VIP Experience) AVAILABLE (at least 8)
      $75+ Miku Love Area AVAILABLE (starting at row Q in Orch Center)
      $65+ Gold AVAILABLE (starting at row B/M in Loge Center)
      $55+ Silver AVAILABLE (starting at row N in Loge Right)
  • New York 1st Show
    • On Friday, October 17, 2014
    • At the Hammerstein Ballroom
    • Doors open at 7:00PM, concert starts at 8:30PM
    • Tickets sold through Ticketmaster
    • Ticket Status:
      $125+ Miku Love VIP Package SOLD OUT
      $75+ Miku Love Area AVAILABLE
      $60+ Gold AVAILABLE (starting at 2nd floor last row)
  • New York 2nd Show
    • On Saturday, October 18, 2014
    • At the Hammerstein Ballroom
    • Doors open at 5:00PM, concert starts at 6:30PM
    • Tickets sold through Ticketmaster
    • Ticket Status: ALL SOLD OUT

Other Official Events

  • Late Show with David Letterman

    Hatsune Miku will be the musical guest for the Wednesday, October 8 show. Episodes are usually uploaded to the official YouTube channel, with musical performances in its own playlist.

  • Hatsune Miku Panel Presented by Crypton Future Media

    New York Comic Con will host a panel that will introduce Miku, recap events from this year such as being opening act for some of Lady Gaga’s North American tour locations, reveal behind-the-scenes information about Miku Expo and finally discuss the upcoming Megurine Luka V3 sound bank.

  • Merchandise Sales

    Each location will feature merchandise for sale, including exclusives as well. For Los Angeles, sales will take place at both Nokia Theatre and the exhibition area, with the latter carrying all of the LA goods. For New York, sales will take place during NYCC (for the Nendoroid) and at Kinokuniya, Wallplay (the exhibition) and Hammerstein (the concert venue); tour goods are only available at the Hammerstein while collaborative goods only available at Wallplay, NYCC and Kinokuniya.

  • DJ and Producer Performances

    For Los Angeles, Miku Expo is inviting producers BIGHEAD, Machigerita and Yuyoyuppe to perform, as well as DJs Meirlin and Revolution Boi. BIGHEAD, Machigerita and Meirlin will be performing at the Halloween Dance Party from 10:00PM to 2:00AM after the 1st LA show. Tickets are $15 and ID is required to enter as this overnight event is 18+. As of this writing, these tickets still appear to be available. Yuyoyuppe will be DJing at his own event from 4:00PM to 4:45PM at the Candy Stage, appearing under his DJ’TEKINA//SOMETHING moniker. Meanwhile, Revolution Boi will be DJing when the gates open to the exhibition area as well as during the live painting events.

  • Sky Light Theater

    Sky Light Theater feat. Hatsune Miku is a roughly thirty-minute performance consisting of six music videos displayed on a 360-degree dome, previously shown in Japan during the Trans City feat. Hatsune Miku event. For Los Angeles, the showings will be held in the Pumpkin Dome, and admission is $5. There will be seven performances at hourly intervals starting at 12:30PM for the first day (Saturday) and eight performances at hourly intervals starting at 10:30AM on the second day (Sunday).

  • 1st PLACE / IA

    The company 1st PLACE and its VOCALOID character IA are joining in the fun at NYCC as well, with merchandise sales at their booth and a film concert showing (footage of the live concert from Tokyo earlier this year). In addition, there will be a 21+ after party held in Tribeca. Admission is free until 7PM, at which point it becomes $10, or $5 for Super Week pass holders.

Unofficial Happenings

  • A bunch of fans in Japan made their own set of fan T-shirts for this event.
  • There’s a campaign asking hardcore fans who are planning to bring a full set of glow sticks (one color for each character) to also bring an extra set to share with their neighbors at the concert.
  • One Japanese fan from Osaka is giving out his fan-made Miku wristbands if you happen to run into him in Los Angeles.
  • Various meetups are being held.
  • Some of the Japanese fans are hitting up various other events/places in the Los Angeles area, such as NHL hockey, Disneyland and a particular place on the beach in Santa Monica corresponding to the background from that picture at the end of the Mikunopolis making-of video, with Miku in a bikini.
  • poopiekins

    For other official events, you forgot about the 1st place IA team coming to host a panel and sell things at NYCC

    • hightrancesea

      I wasn’t intending on adding it since this was a *Miku Expo* post, but apparently a lot of people want that in the schedule for easy reference so I’ve snuck it in.

  • poopiekins

    And also the NYCC crypton panel, which will reveal details of the miku concert tour and Luka v3

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      Thanks! Just added it.

  • Was the 2.5 hour length accurate?

    • ziggy

      Definitely over 2 hours, not quite 2.5 though.

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