MMD Gets Real-Time Motion Capture Add-on Using Kinect

Image source: 卵ごはん(96※P)

Image source: 卵ごはん(96※P)

Have an Xbox? Have Kinect? Have a computer w/ MikuMikuDance? Then you’re all set to start moving and have Miku follow your lead! Read on to see what has recently developed in the MMD world.

Higuchi Yū (user higuchuu on YouTube) posted a test video showing off the latest development in his program, which allows users to use Xbox’s Kinect add-on to capture their movements and have it interpreted as Motion Data for the MMD model.

Using his new driver, Higuchi posted the following video showing his first test on December 13th, which only followed the upper body’s movements.

On December 19th he uploaded his second test video, which showed off the full-body motion capture and announced the full download of the new driver on his website.

Also, in November the Japanese section of the graphics processor maker Nvidia announced that MMD had the new ability to support Nvidia’s 3D Vision setups for stereoscopic 3D videos. A video made by Higuchi himself was posted demonstrating the 3D ability; please note that Higuchi’s video uses the setup for the red/blue glasses, while Nvidia’s default setup uses liquid-crystal shutter glasses.

You can grab MMD for download over the the English MMD site. If you plan to use the Kinect setup, then you need to download the DirectX9 Ver. driver. And of course you can pick up an Xbox and the Kinect add-on at your local game, media, or online store.

Sources: Hatsune MikuMiku, Anime News Network article one and two, NVIDIAJapan’s Twitter account.

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  • I've been following this person since their earlier MMD Kinect tests, and I must say I'm overall impressed with how fast they released such a thing. GJ to Higuchi, and best of luck to him and anyone that plans to use this~

  • Hmm… This has educated me on how careful you must be when wearing a miniskirt

  • Allen_Walker

    This is the only reason why I would get a Kinect. This is really cool!

  • descent87

    Amazing, whole new avenues of creativity going to be opening up with this. Can't wait.

  • alatnet

    heh, this is gonna be interesting.

  • Hairy Onion

    hahaha!!! Miku punched Len in the head!! XD Len is my fav and i feel sorry for him but i had to laugh at that…. this is amazing though!!! aaaaah soo cooooooool!!!!

  • hellcove

    so…u just need the Kinect right? No need to buy an Xbox260?

    • lilli

      No, you need an Xbox360 AND Kinect. Along with a USB cable to connect your PC to the Xbox.

  • dadas

    God this is awesome.

  • i'm thinking of a real LIVE concert using this

    • Niiko

      They alread yahve live vocaloid concerts using this method :3

  • Pengys

    brb going to go buy kinect now

  • AWESOME really a whole new pathway has been created now the problem is now WE need good dancers

    but hey im sure there is a lot of them to go around >_<

  • TodayIsOK

    Next step: virtual reality

  • redemption2

    [youtube WDlvn3voblQ youtube]

    An additional add-on. Looks like the HMD Virtual Reality glasses are being used in tandem with Kinect and MMD to make a Miku POV.

  • Mio

    He really did that fast! I kept my eye on him for a time to see how it would turn out! It didn't take that long at all! Well, in my opinion…

  • Mio

    LOL Miku punch to the head! Sorry Len…

  • kurone rikki

    YES!!! for a mmd user its a pain to do dance motion datas unless u have a butload of time. this solves everything!!! [lazy]
    len:wtf r u doing?!! the camera's still rolling!!

  • What the fudgecakes?

    wait do i have to buy a xbox360 and kinect to do the virtual motion thing or just the kinect?

  • You know higuchuu is the creator of MMD?

  • Dump Pup

    Yeah…….B( I love vocaloid and all but this…this is just a big no-no in my book… B|

  • >:D

    That Giant Miku Head + Hair… quite odd.. O.o

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  • I have a Kinect along with MMD X9 ver and OpenNI.dll — is that really all I need to make this work? :O

  • mcsdaver

    I someone using Kinect on his PC, and he didn't ever own a Xbox 360.
    So Kinect will run without a 360.
    I have MMD with a cool Kinect button.
    Time to buy Kinect and have some fun.
    I do have a 360, but MMD looks to need the Kinect more :D

  • anonimoustreegirl

    I think there should be a MMD version that can take motions through camera from the computer, because i think it’s pretty sad for people who don’t have an xbox360, because it would be ridiculous as hell to buy an xbox just to use this MMD version -_- MMD please make it so!!! TT_TT

  • fart

    Lol Kinect is the what the actual function is called, dumbass.

  • Konata


  • Jordanwindows

    do you need a Xbox360 aswell?

  • brandon

    how does he do that??

  • brandon

    im a boy >:(

  • Niaw

    You no longer need an Xbox360 because of drivers like OpenNI that allow you to connect the Kinect directly to your PC.

  • anna burdge

    is there a link for the download? and how do you get a kinect that goes for a laptop without using the xbox

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