New Project DIVA 2nd KAITO DLC

Image source: 朝陽

Image source: 朝陽

Just in time for KAITO’s upcoming fifth birthday SEGA is releasing a new KAITO-centered DLC for their PSP game “Hatsune Miku Project DIVA 2nd.” Please continue reading for more information.

White Blazer KAITO module

White Blazer KAITO module

First up is a new Piapro x SEGA collaboration outfit for KAITO, the White Blazer KAITO module. This costs 300 yen. The original design is by Yoshiki, which can be seen below.

Image Source: Yoshiki

Image Source: Yoshiki

Now let’s see some examples of this new outfit in-game.

Next we have an Anniversary KAITO item for the shelf. This item is actually included when you buy the White Blazer module.

For 100 yen you can pick up the Anniversary KAITO Room Theme.

To match you can also snag the Anniversary KAITO floor item for another 100 yen.

Last, but not least, there will also be a Anniversary KAITO poster for your room wall, also 100 yen.

The DLC is schedule for release at the Japanese PSN store on February 17th.

Sources: Piapro Blog, Project DIVA blog, HatsuneMikuMiku.

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  • hellcove

    well….KAITO looks different, like he was 6 years younger or at least the same as Miku now

  • Kaito sure loves his ice cream! XD

  • poopbutt

    So handsome.

  • Letife

    I want his clotheeees! ;A;

  • mikumikufire

    handsome…want want…

  • moeronpan

    I need this like I need air.
    I've been putting off getting a Japanese PSN card, was thinking of picking one up when I'm in Japan this year (hopefully) but the wait is going to be so much harder now…

  • setsugekka

    I like the outfit, but with that model, he does look a lot younger for some reason…

  • Hisoka Kurone

    *stares at new Kaito*

    …a paring for Sakine Meiko??? 8D /shot

    Does anyone know how to get these in the States? ;^;
    *starts drawing Sakine Meiko dancing with this Kaito*

    • Lala

      You need to have a Japanese PSN account as well as a network card. The account is free to set up. Its a bit of a trick getting a PSN network card. play-asia has them.

  • Awesome. I wish I get this game…. It’s not sold in Indonesia T^T

  • Miku4every1

    I have a seriously problem. When im going to load the dcl pro ject diva 2 appear this:

    Cant iniciate the game selecting the game data.

    Please, help me!

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