Project Mirai Officially Announced for the 3DS!

The Project Diva for Nintendo users has finally come, and it is titled “Project Mirai”! Sega is planning on releasing this game in March 2012 with the Nendoroid style as the main difference between the two. The official SEGA website is here. More information about the game will be released at the TGS in a couple of days.

Major features of this game include the use of Nendoroid models throughout the game, the use of the 3DS’s 3D capabilities to be able to playback 3D PV’s and the 3DS’s camera, in conjunction with an Augmented Reality Card, to create your very own AR Miku! Pictures are viewable after the break.

All of the images below have been screenshotted from the video released by Sega, however these are the main highlights for those that cannot watch NND.

Use of Nendoroids in Project Mirai


My Room

Augmented Reality

Use of 3DS 3D Capabilities in PV's

Pengy’s Opinions: Well to be honest, this game looks too easy. I would have liked to see the use of the touchscreen available on the DS’s bottom screen, however it would be hard to press the buttons while using the touchscreen so I guess they had to compromise. I really love how they also used Nendoroid models for this version though! It makes a nice difference between the 3DS version and the PSP version. I also like the fact that you can use an AR card to create a virtual Miku! However, there is one problem. As the 3DS is not region unlocked, you will have to import a 3DS to be able to play it. Overall, this is a nice new project by SEGA and it really makes me want to get a 3DS now.

  • damn… it also make me want to buy 3ds… but i dont have some money damn….

    • Joeyboy

      You mean import, right? Nintendo’s games are region locked, so to play a Japanese game, you’ll need a Japanese gaming system.

      • random anon

        Whoa! When did they start doing that? Did they just start with the 3DS? ‘Cuz man, that sucks. D:

        • Lizy139

          well, actually not, I can play Japanese games on my ds, and my ds is not from Japan

          • Emily

            Ds phats and da Lites are not region coded. However dsi and 3dss are

  • Mocha

    DAMMIT. I just got the the 3DS for my birthday, too.. OTZ  The original DS and the DS Lite(I have those too) aren’t region locked, sooo depressed they started it with the DSi…

  • Kay-Len

    why did they annouce this on Facebook when Americans can’t play this since DSs are region locked? Oh well… It looks nice, but the PSP versions will always be great to play. 3DS looks confusing and uncomfortable.

  • I was so excited and happy until I read.. “As the 3DS is not region unlocked, you will have to import a 3DS to be able to play it.” DX
    This was going to be added on to my list of ‘Why I should get a 3DS for Christmas’ but not anymore D;
    I’d get the Japanese 3DS but I don’t know how to or where to get it, I’m not sure if I can change the language to English, and I’m not sure if I can play the games for the US in the Japanese 3DS :S

    • ebay dude


  • I’m sure they are going to release it for the 3DS eventually due to the fact that Vocaloid is becoming more globally recognized (or at least Miku).
    It just won’t be released for us in March 2012.

  • mooland!

    is this like for all ds or JUST the 3ds!??!

    • ember

      I’m sure only 3DS

  • Miki



    I NEED IT! Did it come out in the US yet? Or am I too late? :(

  • ember

    How do I buy this game

  • ember

    But it’s 2013

  • ember

    Are you an idiot

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