VOCALOID Tutorial – Change the language into english!

Well, some of you who are reading my blog are probably more fluent in english, and so, it’ll be better to use the VOCALOID editor software in english. You’d probably already read about the “english patch/hack” on the internet for the VOCALOID editor, but the problem is, that it haven’t completely translated the whole thing just yet. Fortunately, there’s an easier and better way of doing it.

The VOCALOID editor software was originally made by Yamaha, and therefore, it’s in english. Crypton is just a company who made the Voice Libraries (Hatsune Miku and the others) and they made a Japanese User Interface ON TOP of the English ones. The solution? Simple, just get rid of the Japanese User Interfaces and you’ll get an English User Interface. How are we going to do that?

  • Firstly, go to your VOCALOID installation folder (For example, the most common ones are C:\Program Files\VOCALOID2\)
  • And then, find the file “VOCALOID2_Japanese.dll”
  • Rename it into “VOCALOID2_Japanese.bak”
  • You could also delete it if you want, but we’ll just rename it so if anything bad happens we could change it back into “VOCALOID2_Japanese.dll”
  • In case anything happens or if you want to change it back into Japanese, just rename the “VOCALOID2_Japanese.bak” file into “VOCALOID_Japanese.dll”

And you’re done! Enjoy the English VOCALOID editor!

VOCALOID editor in english!
VOCALOID editor in english!
  • Juri Han

    thank you. thank you so much !!!

  • Liv

    OH MY GOODNESS! I’m planning on getting KAITO and this should help a lot! Thank you so very much senpai!

  • Foxy

    Thank you, dude! I love you!

  • dffgj

    there is know file like this

  • Cassie

    i’m using vocaloid4 i can’t find the install folder and i don’t know how to get to my “c:” folder.

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