Weekly Vocaloid Ranking #172 – Sickness

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Vocaloid NND Weekly Ranking
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Being sick on holidays suck… MLK day today, and posting this from my laptop in bed. Back to school again tomorrow, but Vocaran ahead!

Did someone say holiday? :3

Naho’s Opening Statement:

Good evening everyone! It’s time for this week’s VocaRan!
Good job to all those who took the national college entrance exams and to those who attended Vom@s!

Some of you will have to take the second-stage exams, so stay sharp! Anyway, today, just take a break and watch the VocaRan! This week, it seems there’s a lot of songs that were presented at Vom@s.

Well then, let’s see the ranking!
This week too… we’ll start from… number… 30…


-Editors: Pengy, DTKel, Holocauxt, deztora, descent87, bunnychan, Joe Mello
-Translator: kurisuto
-Song Status: Up (↑), Down (↓), Unmoved (→), Unranked (–), New (!!)

In Other Vocaloid News:

That was this week’s number 1.

This week, a big title is going to be released!
It will feature “Matryoshka”! Also, it will be Gumi and Gakupo’s first participation!
Compilation album « EXIT TUNES Vocalonexus », by EXIT TUNES. Release date: January, 19th.

It’s already mid-January; there are heavy snowfalls all over the country, and it got really cold, so take care!

And now, the rest of this week’s ranking, from number 31.

Editor Picks of the week:

Well this is something that I wanted to try out and give you some videos related to vocaloid that aren’t in the top 30 for the vocaran. Please comment about what you think of this.

Final Thoughts/Analysis:

Well Rin/Len Append finally made it to the top 10, so expect more to come in the following weeks while the producers crunch out more amazing songs!

In case anyone is interested on what exactly was being bandied about in the opening, here’s a wiki link about Japanese entrance exam.  And now I hop back into obscurity :3

…And so with that, we end this week’s Vocaloid Ranking review. Please join us again next week, and I want my HMO Miku ;_;. Sounds like you need an HMO Miku 8D Okay, I’m going.

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13 thoughts on “Weekly Vocaloid Ranking #172 – Sickness”

  1. I wonder how much famous YM would be by now if he used Miku at least once, instead of always using Gumi. Well that's what makes him great, because he is not a "sellout" (and because he makes the best Gumi songs, obviously)

  2. I really liked #7, but for some reason otetsu put a different version on his new album. It has Miku/Megpoid instead of Luka/Megpoid. Still a good song, I'm just not the biggest Miku fan (please don't kill me for saying that).

    I love #18, but how is #16 so popular? What is that?!

  3. Rank 2’s PV is.. wow!

    Though as a song I prefer rank one.
    Pinocchio-P’s first!

    Though rank 2’s song is super catchy and probably going to end up as a guilty pleasure of mine.

    In fact I like all the top 5.

    Great week!

  4. …#2 reminded me so much about the music that I used to hear as itty bitty… The nostalgic kick was huge for me.

  5. Three popular Nyanyanya(ry videos were released in quick succesion a few days ago, which resurged interest in the song. But since they don’t qualify as remixes nor do they feature any actual Vocaloids, they weren’t ranked, so the bump is devoid of context to someone who only watches the WVR.

  6. That was a great week, so many new and interesting songs. I really love the top two songs.

    And yeah ANAGRAM has a nice MMD PV, but not the grade of Ding-Dong who ranked 2nd on the last MMD Cup (and incidentally also feature Luka).

    I'm surprised that Daniwell's Electric Parade (#29) is still in the ranking while コトバトラボラト has left it (see http://aidn.papiness.com/event/vm15/). But well, since it's undoubtedly the reason Nyanyanyanyanyanyanya! got promoted back to #22, we should celebrate the return of his brilliant meme with some naughty MMD 😀

    [youtube _pAfsewVPu4 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_pAfsewVPu4 youtube]

  7. What was so special about last week? Seriously, 16 songs topped 100k points, and the top 5 all topped 400k. To me it seemed like that "nostalgia week" last year, completely random.

    1. "THE VOC@LOiD M@STER 15" was held last sunday, and famous P uploaded their best songs to promote their new albums (which were sold at the above-mentioned event).

  8. There was a lot of variety this time. (And so many good new songs!) I love most of the new Miku songs and "上から目線" from Luka really won me over this week. :3

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