Vocaloidism is a blog started by kevinayP in November 2008. It all started from a school project which led me into making KevinのVOCALOIDブログ (Kevin’s Vocaloid Blog) back in July 2008, when a Hatsune Miku fansite called ミクミク (MikuMiku) which was managed by ArmyCats was still up and running. Sadly, ArmyCats had to do some military service and shut down the site. Some of their users migrated into my site and then we started talking about making a (non-biased) Vocaloid fansite, since there weren’t any sites/blogs on English that was focused into Vocaloid at that time, and thus Vocaloidism was bornt. All entries from KevinのVOCALOIDブログ was imported to Vocaloidism.

Now, this site isn’t merely just a School Project. I’m intending to develop Vocaloidism into the center of the English Vocaloid community.

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