Vocaloid Invitational Tournament 2011 – Conclusion

12-6, and I was the one with all the answers (kidding)

So here we are at the conclusion of our Vocaloidism tournament.  Being the self-indulgent person I am, I drew up a bracket at the start and, as you can see, it’s gone fairly well.  The real question is, though, did I call the winner?  Or did the treble and overall #1 seed of Miku Hatsune prevail.  The results, and the final announcement of our fund-raising drive are below.

341 votes were tallied, and the final four-way throwdown ended like this.

Thanks for all the votes, guys.

So in a bit of an upset, Gumi becomes our inaugural VIT champion.  As for the donations, I said that for every 100 votes for this round and the round before, I’d donate a dollar to the Red Cross.  When you add up all five polls, that totals….about $15.  That seems inadequate.  Therefore, I’m adding in the 1,630 votes from the week I announced this (as I probably should have to begin with).  The final donation, rounded up, will be $32, which coincidentally is $1 more than descent87’s donation for sponsoring the Miku faction.  No, I don’t have a complex at all. :3

So congratulations to Gumi for being our Vocaloid Invitational Tournament champ.  However, as we conclude this fun homage to college sports, this tourney’s one shining moment will truly be helping those in need with our donations.

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15 thoughts on “Vocaloid Invitational Tournament 2011 – Conclusion”

  1. Congrats to Gumi, your awesome and all but don't ever forget the Vocaloid who paved the way for you.

    Miku was still strongly represented of course, many thanks to her and to all of her fans who did their part to help in the Japan relief effort.

  2. I swear I didn't rig it. xD

    Congrats Gumi! She did have a successful year with the help of some popular P's, but Miku, Rin, and Luka certainly had success this year too. It was a pretty close vote, so, yay!

  3. Awww :'(

    It's time for a melancholic song by Gedousan (外道さん) illustrating this situation. Gumi's punchy rap undertoning Miku's melancholic melody.

    Still, the whole of this song is greater than the sum of Miku and Gumi's voices. Gumi would not be there without Miku and Miku need good vocaloid challengers to be even more famous.

    [youtube HfkBorrhM6g http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HfkBorrhM6g youtube]

    1. Samuel I really loved this song since I discovered it in the Vocaran ED a few weeks ago, one of the best.

  4. OMG yes Gumi won, whith the results of the last round i was almost sure that luka would be the first but i never stoped voting for Gumi, 2011 truly the year of the rabbit.

  5. When she first came out, I wasn't very impressed with Gumi. I thought all she would be good for was Megumi Nakajima covers. Jeez, I was wrong XD Now, I even cosplay as her~

    I'm glad Miku didn't win, because we all know what she's capable of. Simple things like seeing less popular/mainstream vocaloids raise in popularity over time make me very happy.

  6. Honestly I’m not a very big fan of Gumi because her ‘breath’ or whatever you call it is very heavy. Well, everyone has their own opinion, though my favorite Gumi song is Blue Bird ’cause it fits, but I’m not sure about the other genres. I guess that leaves it up to the producers.

    Congratulations to Gumi, I’m not that surprised she’s the winner, since I’ve been seeing a lot of her songs in the rankings. I’m glad Miku’s no longer in the ‘spotlight’ LOL. =D

  7. (pleasedonthateme) I hove Miku (hatelove) She's just TOO popular D:
    I wish Piko, Rin, or Len won. Their my 3 favorites. I love Asami Shimoda(voice that makes Rin and Len's blah blah blah ) and Piko(the singer who's voice makes piko's voice blah blah blah.)
    anyways, I love Luka and Gumi, They're probably my second favorites
    OH AND ONE RANDOM THING. I wish Sekihan also had a vocaloid.
    or Nero.

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