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Cool Japan Festival with IA & Wagakki Band at Anime Expo 2015

Fans gathered at Club Nokia on a hot July 4 afternoon to watch both IA and Wagakki Band perform at the Cool Japan Festival presented by Anime Expo. IA appeared in many different outfits on a transparent projection screen as she sang nine songs, joined by a live band as well as two dancers. Her performance was followed by an energetic show from Wagakki Band as they rocked out to both VOCALOID cover songs (e.g. from Vocalo Zanmai) and their new originals. We’ve compiled a detailed play-by-play of the concert for this live report, and we would like to thank Cool Japan as well as Beautiful Day Media for giving us an opportunity to cover this event.

Photo Credit: Kaori Suzuki Photo Credit: Keiko Tanabe
Performers IA (left, photo credit: Kaori Suzuki) and Wagakki Band (right, photo credit: Keiko Tanabe)

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Interview with Wagakki Band at Anime Expo 2015

Wagakki Band, an eight member group that fuses together traditional Japanese instruments and rock music, performed in Los Angeles last weekend for the first time in America at Anime Expo 2015’s Cool Japan Festival. Their members are Yuko Suzuhana (vocals), Kiyoshi Ibukuro (koto), Daisuke Kaminaga (shakuhachi), Beni Ninagawa (tsugaru shamisen), Kurona (wadaiko), Machiya (guitar), Asa (bass), and Wasabi (drums).

They got their start covering VOCALOID songs on niconico and their cover of Senbonzakura has over 20 million views on YouTube. Recently, they have written original songs for the anime Samurai Warriors as well as the spin-off live-action web drama Attack on Titan: Hangeki no Noroshi. Vocaloidism got a chance to interview them last week.

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Mirai no Neiro at Anime Expo 2014

Every year, Delusion Production House (D.P.H) hosts a Vocaloid panel at Anime Expo called “Mirai no Neiro -Sound of the Future-“. At this panel, Vocaloid-related creators present and talk about their works. Several of the guests came all the way from Japan at their own expense. Despite the first panel starting 9:30am on Sunday July 6th, the last day of Anime Expo, the room was packed.
Panel Room
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Japan Expo Hatsune Miku Panel Report

Japan Expo is a Japanese culture and entertainment convention held in France and Belgium which recently has expanded to the United States. Their first ever United States convention was held Santa Clara Convention Center in California. It was held on August 23-25, 2013. Japan Expo featured many Japanese guests and sponsors, one of which was Sega of America. They had a booth and held a panel about Project Diva F.
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Mirai No Neiro Part 1 at Anime Expo 2013

“Mirai no Neiro-Sound of the Future-” is a fan-run panel featured at conventions around the world. It is run by a group called Delusion Production House (D.P.H). The main purpose of Mirai no Neiro is to send out information about Vocaloids from Japan to people around the world. This year at Anime Expo, Mirai no Neiro had two panels on July 5th, 2013. Part 1 of the panel featured a music video screening and fly screen projection concert. Part 2 featured VocaloP guests and a screening of their music videos. DPH got permission to use all the material in the panel from the original content creators.
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Megpoid English Launch Event Report

On March 3rd 2013, NEW PEOPLE and Vocalekt Visions hosted a special VOCALOID3 Megpoid English launch event in Japantown of San Francisco, California. This was a free event consisting of software demonstration sessions, a merchandise booth and live concerts that ran from noon to 6pm.


NEW PEOPLE was created by the founder of VIZ Media, Seiji Horibuchi, and its building features Japanese fashion stores, a cinema, art galleries, and more. The V3 Megpoid English Launch Event took place in the cafe lobby and cinema area. It featured a demonstration, merchandise sales, and a free show by Vocalekt Visions. For more information about V3 GUMI English, Internet Co. Ltd. has a special page up on their website.
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New Songs Announced for Project Diva f

Famitsu Magazine’s online site recently revealed 8 new songs for the PS Vita game Project Diva f. These include songs such as Time Machine, DYE, FREELY TOMORROW, Fire◎Flower, HAI WA HAI NI and Nostalogic. Two specially written songs ODDS&ENDS (the theme song for the game) and Weekender Girl were also announced. A more detailed report will be published in Famitsu’s July 5th issue (sold on 6/21). SEGA also updated their website with pictures and descriptions of the new modules. Project Diva f will go on sale on August 30th 2012.

You can preorder the game at most import stores such as AmiAmi, and HMV. To learn more about this game, please read our previous posts.
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