Mirai No Neiro Part 1 at Anime Expo 2013

“Mirai no Neiro-Sound of the Future-” is a fan-run panel featured at conventions around the world. It is run by a group called Delusion Production House (D.P.H). The main purpose of Mirai no Neiro is to send out information about Vocaloids from Japan to people around the world. This year at Anime Expo, Mirai no Neiro had two panels on July 5th, 2013. Part 1 of the panel featured a music video screening and fly screen projection concert. Part 2 featured VocaloP guests and a screening of their music videos. DPH got permission to use all the material in the panel from the original content creators.

Despite being one of the first panels of the day, the queues were long and the room was packed. A large fly screen and projector was set up at the front of the room next to the panelists’ table. Fly screens are made of mosquito net screens and are used to mimic the “3D” effect of DILAD screens often used in large-scale Miku concerts such as Mikunopolis. As people were finding their seats, a promotional video for God Eater Burst played on the fly screen. This may seem unusual, but Tennen, one of the VocaloP guests, is a scenario writer for the game.


The lights were dimmed and the opening video started playing on the fly screen. The video was created by G2 and featured the song “Gian’s Recytal” by Zanio. The video was a fusion of MMD animations and live action footage. It showed a lady traveling around a Japanese city with Vocaloids and Vocaloid related displays. Midway, the video takes a dramatic change in tone and the music becomes more intense. Suddenly there’s Mikudayo eerily dancing! And finally all the Crypton Vocaloids gather together once more and the logo for “Mirai no Neiro” appeared.

DSC_0978Next, the MCs read messages from the creators of the videos. The two MCs were in Good Smile Racing 2013 Miku and Rin outfits. In order to impersonate the VocaloPs, they read their messages in different voices. First, they read off Zanio’s message in a deep voice, “I am not a socialist, Dixie Flatline is the only socialist here.” This was probably in reference to his song The Socialist which was shown at Mirai no Neiro 2 years ago.

Then, the MCs read G2’s message in a high pitched voice and claimed he actually sounds much cuter. G2 hoped that everyone enjoyed the video and that today is actually his birthday. It’s been 6 years since Hatsune Miku was first released, and while many things have changed in Japan, she has become more and more enchanting. It’s very easy to participate in this movement and he hopes that he can one day enjoy it with some of the members of the audience today. He thanked Anime Expo and DPH for allowing him to show the video, Zanio for creating wonderful music, everyone who helped make the video a reality, and everyone in the audience. The MCs then said “Happy birthday G2-san!”

The MCs then briefly explained the purpose of the panel and stated that a “Today we have a very special angel who is coming to Los Angeles once again!”


DSC_1067Appearing on the fly screen was Miku, Rin, and Len. Miku, Rin, Len introduced themselves and the audience responded with many cheers. Miku said it’s been a long time since they last been to Los Angeles. Rin said the refreshing weather in Los Angeles feels great. Len said he wants to eat foods, like a four by four or a Tommy’s triple burger, much to Rin’s dismay. Miku then says this is her third time in LA and that this time, she even sings a song in Spanish. This entire Talkloid segment was in Japanese with English subtitles except for Miku’s last line: “Okay, I hope you enjoy my performance!”


Immediately after, the music started playing. This projection concert was similar to other screenings at different events. It consisted mostly of a MMD model dancing on a black background. Below I provided a list of the songs and links to the original song (not the MMD animation).

Sadistic Love
Music & Lyrics: Junky
MMD motion: Ahiru@Anatroccolo
choreographer: shiropia, Norakura
MMD model: Lat Type Rin JC
Original song on NicoNico

Music & Lyrics: Dezzy/IchiokuyenP
MMD motion: Tsugekawa
MMD model: LAT Type Miku
Original song on NicoNico

1/6 -out of the gravity-
Music & Lyrics: VocaliodP (noa)
MMD motion: WhiteCat & Nawota
Choreographer: Itomaki Kokoro
MMD model : Mamama Type Api Miku
Motion picture: AMID-P
Original song on NicoNico

Freely Tomorrow
Music & Lyrics: Mitchie M, MMD Motion: Gtama_P (Cat system) & Kuraudo_P
Choreograper: DOF-Dan & Rachel, MMD Model: Tda Append Miku
MMD PV on NicoNico

Music&Lyrics: kz(livetune)
MMD motion: GTama_P (Cat System) & Razi-P
MMD Model: LAT Type Miku)
Original song on NicoNico

Tell Your World (English Version)
Music & Lyrics: kz(livetune)
MMD motion: Cort, MMD model: TDA Type Onepeace Miku
Original song on YouTube (Japanese version)
Note, the version used in this screening is the English version featured on livetune’s album Re:Dial. The English lyrics are by Water Knee and programming support by Circus-P.

La Bikina
Music & Lyrics: Reben Fuentes
Arrangement: Dixie Flatline
Vocaloid Operation: Dixie Flatline & Expo TNT
MMD Motion: PAC MMD, MMD Model: Mamama Type Api Miku (with a Sombrero))
This was originally shown at Mexico’s Expo TNT’s Mirai no Neiro panel. This features Miku singing a cover of a Spanish song while wearing a sombrero. Unfortunately, unlike the Expo TNT screening, no mariachi band accompainment.

Overall the set-up was nice and the screen was flat enough so the projected image was not too distorted. The lighting was better this year with the lights dimmed enough. However, the projector’s glare was very bright for any unfortunate people sitting in the middle (like me). Occasionally, the audience clapped to the beat of the song, sometimes led by certain red-shirted individual waving light sticks. The song choice was a good mix of well known songs and MMD models. The inclusion of the Spanish song “La Bikini” was unexpected, but an interesting treat.

After the last song, Miku, Rin, and Len appeared on the screen once more asking if everyone had fun and thanking everyone for coming.

The next part of this panel was a screening of Vocaloid music videos. These were shown on the large regular projector screens. All the videos have now been uploaded online by their creators, so check them out below.

First up was the world premiere of the music video from Penguins Project, a VocaloP who was a guest for Mirai no Neiro in 2011. The song is a GUMI song called “Galapagos Girl” featuring illustraions by yuna and arrangement by KagomeP. Penguins Project uploaded the song on NicoNico a week or so after the convention.

Penguins Project’s NicoNico mylist

The MCs read off Penguins Project’s message. It’s been 2 years since he was in America and there isn’t anything in Japan like the blue skies and dry air of Los Angeles. Nor are there giant hunks of steak. The panel today showed the PV for the song Galapagos Girls, which is on his second album Galapagos. He calls the song a “mysterious mix of Tokyo and Galapagos Island” and he hopes everyone will enjoy it.

Also, you can buy his album Galapagos on US iTunes.

Next was an English Luka song by K called “Q-est”.

K’s NicoNico mylist

As usual, the MCs read off K’s message. K thanked everyone for coming to Anime Expo. He then said his twitter ID is @KKK_KKK2 and asked people to follow and become friends with him.

The last song was from a creator from Mexico called Ankari.

The MCs gave a little background on Ankari. She was born in Uruguay and now creates Spanish Vocaloid songs while living in Mexico. The song featured was first released in Mexico at TNT Expo this May. “And in this song Len-kun find himself in some trouble, and Rin-chan gets involved too. So it’s called “Len VS. Warrior Quest XVIIDX.”

Maubox’s YouTube channel
Ankari’s YouTube channel

After many fits of laughter from the audience, the MCs read off Ankari’s message:

“Hello, I’m Ankari, a Vocaloid producer who makes Vocaloid songs in Spanish! Thank you for supporting and listening to Vocaloid music.
Vocaloid fandom exists everywhere in the world. There are Vocaloid Ps everywhere who make original music in most languages. If you haven’t listened to Vocaloid music in languages other than Japanese before, I hope you can give everyone a chance too!
Thank you for listening, and for your interest that makes the international Vocaloid movement a reality! -Ankari.”

The MCs then introduced the organizers of the Mirai no Neiro panel. The MCs then ending the panel with their own message: Vocaloid is a software program that everyone can try using, and Japanese Vocaloid fans are waiting for American Vocaloid creators to appear on the scene. They’re hoping one day video sharing sites will be filled with American producers songs.

And that’s the end of Part 1 of the Mirai no Neiro –Sound of the Future– panel!

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