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Hi there, It’s been a while since I post here. I just think that this movement should see some light, as the easiest way of informing such movement is through popular blogs.

I have been informed by a friend on Youtube (Masaruoka2003) that he and his colleagues has started an online petition, in hope to follow the success of JAXA’s aluminum plates and 3/9 Live Concert HD DVD-BluRay online petitions.

They’re trying to collect 10,000 signatures for Project Diva World Concert Tour, and going to submit the signatures to Sega in hope to have Project Diva Concert (Just like the one in last March) in selected countries. If this movement went well, it’ll be an amazing moment of our lives, won’t it? =D

To help in the signing of the petition, go to this blog or simply click on the first blog post to add in your signature there.

  • kagamine_Len_Fan_427

    pls do a tour dispite the fact melbourne, australia (the closest city to where i live) will probably be missed at least dont let all the other fans of vocaloid suffer. VOCALOID FOREVER!!!

  • Kristinashin

    Please come to hawaii! VOCALOID IS VERY VERY POPULAR here. We love your music and it would be a dream come true if vocaloid performed here.

  • he’sback


  • Taliah Lamont

    Please come to the UK I love hatsune miku so much!! and i dont want to have to wait until i visit japan to go to her concert :) Please!!!!

  • Dear Vocaloids, I would love if you could come to New York City! You have to. Just promise me ONE thing. DO NOT sing your songs in English!!!! I would be so sad. I want to hear them in Japanese! I would think everyone would!!!! Just come on down! All of you!! <3 <3 <3 Please guys we all love you and its not fair that Japan keeps you to themselves! I know! Get them to fly you over here for a tour! Japan already has better things than us!! Share Japan. SHARE! :) – Love, A very hopeful 13 year old Vocaloid fan.

  • Kyra100596

    Please i beg you come to the netherlands D:  Our counrty has to know what really awesome is!! so beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeg you plz come to my country muahahahahah then i’ll give you a leek :L =w=

  • Lichbourne543

    Please come to Albuquerque it would be so great to have you there :D

  • B_e_l_e_n

    Lo ruego, España, aquí ahora solo se habla de crisis, de lo mal que está el país y de que no hay trabajo, pero… sierlla estuviera aquí… quizá lograríamos olvidarlo durante unas horas….

  • Jessi Blue

    we love you so much you are like the best person in the world awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww we want to meet you realy bad we live in green ohio and you go down shriver road by the green intermedeit school and then you go left to sunnyview drive and we are the first blue house on the left.

  • Keekeew8026

    HEY MIKU I LOVE YOU SOOOOOOOO MUCH I KNOW ALMOST ALL YOUR SONGS! i want to meet you soooo bad. I live in green ohio you go to shriver road next to the green intermedit school then you go on shriver then after you go on shriver you take a left to sunnyveiw drive and i am the first blue house on the left!!!!!!! :)

  • Lucydriver

    Please Please please let her come to the UK please!!!!!!!!!

  • Mikufan101


  • Alex Y.

    Please, please, please, COME TO HAWAII!!! It’s not that far from Japan compared to most other places, and it’ll be really popular!!! I’ve been dying to see VOCALOID live!


    hello to all producers and especially Miku Hatsune Mexican’m a big fan that I see the good gundia very difisil that Bengan to MEXICO but says hello to your great fan fabrizio smooth FACKUZ MENEZ

  • Heather

    I want Miku to come to Salt Lake City, UT!!!
    I would so go to see her concert if she comes here!

  • dan from uk, it would be awesome for miku to come here x

  • Miyoku

    Please come to hawaii!!!! I’m dying to see at least 1 live vocaloid concert!

  • Please come to Australia NSW

  • Itachopper

    Come to Canada or USA!

  • faith

    Dear Miku and all Vocaloids please come here in Italy, Rome!!
    it’s a wonderfull city for your concert!!!!!!!

  • Alejandra Alois

    Please I hope you come to Puerto Rico, My friends and I have been praying for a long time for you to come!! I will still keep waiting for you to come no matter what!! ~~~(=^o ^=)

  • Marnitz Jankowitz

    please come to australia!!!!

  • Aneko Kagamine

    VOCALOID CONCERT IN SYDNEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! NEEDED DESPERATLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Niek999

    It would be AWESOME if you would come to the Netherlands! Please comsider it!

  • Anime780365


  • Emma-lee Hanrahan

    my friends and i are HUGE fans of Vocaloid, and we really want to see a Vocaloid Concert in Australia! It really would be amazing, it would be a dream come true (sounds really cheesy but its true!) So yeah, Please come to Australia! xD

  • josh mccloskey

    please! come to pennsylvania we would love to see to you live!

  • Julian Diaz

    I’d gladly sing but the sing up is in japanese so I can’t read the authentication code. Anyways I hope this is just as valuable!

  • Juan Rivera

    Please come to Puerto Rico my friends and I want to see you

  • Ely

    I live in Puerto Rico as well. and I am a huge fan of the Vocaloid group. it would be such an extraordinary experience if you guys might consider doing a concert over here. there’s plenty of fans over here than you think. I’m hoping that the petition gets all those signatures soon. looking forward for the result of this. (;

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