Online Movement: Hatsune Miku World Tour

Picture source: こあ 「koa」

Hi there, It’s been a while since I post here. I just think that this movement should see some light, as the easiest way of informing such movement is through popular blogs.

I have been informed by a friend on Youtube (Masaruoka2003) that he and his colleagues has started an online petition, in hope to follow the success of JAXA’s aluminum plates and 3/9 Live Concert HD DVD-BluRay online petitions.

They’re trying to collect 10,000 signatures for Project Diva World Concert Tour, and going to submit the signatures to Sega in hope to have Project Diva Concert (Just like the one in last March) in selected countries. If this movement went well, it’ll be an amazing moment of our lives, won’t it? =D

To help in the signing of the petition, go to this blog or simply click on the first blog post to add in your signature there.

101 thoughts on “Online Movement: Hatsune Miku World Tour”

  1. I don't think Sega will budge with 10000 Signatures, they will have to at least have 100k Signatures to actually convince them to do this.

    Let's make that happen though.

    1. apparently they already had a concert in san francisco at some anime festival or something. that's a start 🙂

  2. I doubt Sega will even pay attention to an online petition… especially with only 10,000 signatures (WORLD tour? 10,000 is so little).
    No harm in trying, of course, just expectations shouldn’t be risen.

  3. It's easy to set up a random concert where the talent lies completely in a computer in Japan, but elsewhere in the world—it might actually hurt Miku than help her spread her stardom.

    ESPECIALLY since most of her songs are STRICTLY Japanese.
    I agree with John Molters, but actually, I think they might want more. Setting up for the Miku concert is very costly, just looking at the time it took to create the dance moves in a software must have been costly enough.

    The concentration of the signatures (if it's going to be for concerts outside Japan) have to be a very concentrated (very close to each other) and in high numbers…since they might want to expect actual profit from all this.

    A couple ten-thousand fans crying over a Miku concert will NOT make up for a huge loss in profit.

  4. ここHello nice to meet you.
    I am masaruoka2003.
    Miku Hatsune and other Vocaloid are sung in Japanese lyrics.
    I think that No Problem!
    Because I think that it is natural if it says from their present popularity.

    Anyway, let's move SEGA by your signature. のテキストを入力してください!

    1. I'm really grateful that you're starting this initiative. However, I think you need to do something about the look of the site.
      Currently, from a design standpoint, it's appalling. It might very well drive people away because it is so unappealing.
      Unfortunately I'm not a designer. I work on on the back end stuff and not on the look of the front end so I can't really help with that, but something needs to be done.

      I hope you understand why I'm pointing this out. This is a grand movement and the design should at least equal, if not greater, to reflect that.

    2. Ah, hello Masaruoka. I think you are friends with Damesuke-kun? Anyway, thanks for doing this. I hope that the goal is met.

        1. Ah, yes, I happen to know him through the translators community. Anyway, thanks again for this.

  5. Having a few venues set up in popular cities that actually have atleast 1000+ signatures would be best route for SEGA. But then they'd have to charge an ass load for the tickets.

  6. ここのThere is Japan Festa done in each country every year.

    If the concert of it and Vocaloids can be held at the same
    time, I think that it is preferable.

  7. Thanks for dropping by masaruoka, I will help get as many signatures as I can. Being able to attend any form of Vocaloid concert would be a dream of mine, while it might not happen unless i go to japan these signatures could still serve many purposes. They will once again help demonstrate the global popularity of Vocaloid technology to SEGA, Crypton, and individual composers and encourage them to continue their work and reach out to their worldwide audience more deliberately.

  8. A concert in New York would be lovely!
    Plus, how do we know where most of the Vocaloid fans live in to figure out the locations?
    I think we need a survey with lots of pie charts and graphs for the results! 83
    The question is how are we gonna make a poll? And who?

    1. That's actually not a bad idea. We have to take into consideration this for several reasons, mainly for Sega to save up some money instead of doing a concert in like every single country..

      I checked today the signature thingy and it's growing slowly but steady, so I'm quite happy with that.
      Spread the word people.

      1. I've been taking note of all the countries with the people in a piece of paper, but that's too inaccurate or old school. But it's just for the moment.
        Plus there might be other countries or places people wanna go for that concert.
        Thank you for the encouragement!

          1. Bahhh. I'm horrible at creating polls. Halp!
            I need a poll showing all the countries as answers/options as countries with percentages and # of responses at te end.

          2. Honestly, I think creating a form in Google Docs (like how they did it when they were collecting signatures for the "send miku to venus" campaign) is a better idea. It's better than how they currently collect signatures, and since it's basically a form to enter data to a spreadsheet, any current signature (700+, I believe) can be added manually. And since it's a spreadsheet, making charts and graphs would be easy. I'm still skeptical about this (I doubt SEGA would pay attention to an online petition and I don't know if they'll make it to 10,000), but I'll sign and help the campaign (in case it actually works).

          3. That's not a bad idea. Let me learn how to start one first… (Unless the manager aren't finding it easier, it'll be back to 0 all over)

  9. Signed
    For great justice

    Frozen "Frosty" Fairy
    Vocaforum's Icebox Fairy / TinierMe GC-boycotter

  10. It would take quite a bit of effort to actually get Sega to do such a huge event. However, I think it is possible.

    The effort shown in "behind-the-scenes" are only really necessary once to get the moves and models, no? When that is said and done, they would just have to hire people to bring around the props. The most expensive and difficult parts may actually be the venues.

    Otherwise, it is a great moneymaking opportunity. Many fans worldwide would love to pay for such an event, and maybe even merchandise, especially when it is hard to find merchandise.

  11. it would be sweet it this happened!! they could get some insanely good cosplayer/lip singer to be her and the other vocaloids. i really don't care, i just wanna see a concert!!

  12. signed..

    im from philippines… me and my friends love vocaloids especially miku^_^ it would be fun if a concert will be held here^_^.. i will try to persuade my friends to sign^^…

  13. even though its almost impossible for them to come to Australia… i will sign anyway!!! >:3


  14. SEGA, I know you can do it! Trust us fans; we’re dedicated and passionate about Miku and Vocaloid itself. We would LOVE to pay for an event like this, it would mean the world to all of us, all over the world! C:

    (Also, I’m from Texas. Please visit us here! We have loads of conventions here every year and there are hundreds of thousands of Miku fans all over the US, too!)

  15. Those who want the Vocaloid World Tour must Support them Indirectly! By Only Presenting your vote to the Vocaloid World Tour sign site of Course ^-^

  16. Vocaloid is sooooooooooooooooooooooooo amazing! PLEAZE PLEAZE PLEAZE PLEAZE GO ON A WORLD TOUR I AM DYING TO SEE MIKU CHAN!!!!!!! all i have to say for vocaloid is……………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………..
    Please! Our vocaloid fan club wants to see your concert soooooooooooooooooooo bad!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  17. please come to hawaii me and my friends love vocaloid sooo much that we started a fan club Please come!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. Please! Have the tour, i am SUCH a huge fan of vocaloid & I would REALLY like to see them live in concert before I graduate highschool in 2016!

  19. pls miku come to florida or puerto rico!!!!! we need u!!! ur concerts r breathtaking and i wanna see u in concert!! i would do anything for miku to go to florida or puerto rico!!! pleeeeeeese!!! we love u!!

  20. PLZ PLZ PLZ Vocaloid come to hawaii i reallly want 2 here all of the vocaloid sing live at a concert!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Please we all love u!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  21. my names kami and i live in Puerto Rico me and all my friends watns to see u Vocaloids im a fan of u and my friends too we wish for u to come to puerto rico soon and if u will then we will hope that will get our Front row to get close and see all of u sing and the bands too i cross my fingers and wish from a shooting star for you guys to come thank you for listening i hope u accept message! X3

  22. Pleasepleaseplease let them have a Project DIVA World Tour! I’ve been wanting to see them sooooo badly.
    I’d say do it in major cities that many people would have access to…COME TO TORONTO! Seeing the Vocaloids live is my dream :3

  23. hey my name is mark and love this 🙂 and i live in Australia and i love your show and would love to see it 🙂

  24. miku!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   i love ur songs! ima speak from the heart i duno were u get the ideas but i kno that ur songs are amazing! maybe not everybody likes how u sing but ur fans do ! and i  always loved hearing the songs then hearing the english lyrics cuz u always suprise me in wat u put in them …….. ur songs are the ones i use for inspiration when i draw …… yea ima nut job i kno…. but still…. ur someone to look up to! haha all these words comin out of my mouth really are unusual for a 12yearold X3 HEHE  well i hope u can come to puerto rico there alot of ppl here that wanna hear u sing…. including meh!  b

    1. ummmmmmmmmmmm…………………Miku’s not real (sadly) nor are Rin (MY FAVORITE), Len, or Luka, or any of the other Vocaloids


  26. dear miku and vocaloids please come here in PHILIPPINES
    Im a big fan of yours and Filipinos want to see u and hear us your songs
    your songs are amazing and we’re super like,love it!!!
    please…i hope you read this and this is my best gift for my birthday
    even not my b-day today yesterday or tomorrow just my wish you to come here
    harigatou guzaimasu!

  27. pls do a tour dispite the fact melbourne, australia (the closest city to where i live) will probably be missed at least dont let all the other fans of vocaloid suffer. VOCALOID FOREVER!!!

  28. Please come to hawaii! VOCALOID IS VERY VERY POPULAR here. We love your music and it would be a dream come true if vocaloid performed here.

  29. Please come to the UK I love hatsune miku so much!! and i dont want to have to wait until i visit japan to go to her concert 🙂 Please!!!!

  30. Dear Vocaloids, I would love if you could come to New York City! You have to. Just promise me ONE thing. DO NOT sing your songs in English!!!! I would be so sad. I want to hear them in Japanese! I would think everyone would!!!! Just come on down! All of you!! <3 <3 <3 Please guys we all love you and its not fair that Japan keeps you to themselves! I know! Get them to fly you over here for a tour! Japan already has better things than us!! Share Japan. SHARE! 🙂 – Love, A very hopeful 13 year old Vocaloid fan.

  31. Please i beg you come to the netherlands D:  Our counrty has to know what really awesome is!! so beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeg you plz come to my country muahahahahah then i’ll give you a leek :L =w=

  32. Lo ruego, España, aquí ahora solo se habla de crisis, de lo mal que está el país y de que no hay trabajo, pero… sierlla estuviera aquí… quizá lograríamos olvidarlo durante unas horas….

  33. we love you so much you are like the best person in the world awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww we want to meet you realy bad we live in green ohio and you go down shriver road by the green intermedeit school and then you go left to sunnyview drive and we are the first blue house on the left.

  34. HEY MIKU I LOVE YOU SOOOOOOOO MUCH I KNOW ALMOST ALL YOUR SONGS! i want to meet you soooo bad. I live in green ohio you go to shriver road next to the green intermedit school then you go on shriver then after you go on shriver you take a left to sunnyveiw drive and i am the first blue house on the left!!!!!!! 🙂

  35. Please, please, please, COME TO HAWAII!!! It’s not that far from Japan compared to most other places, and it’ll be really popular!!! I’ve been dying to see VOCALOID live!

  36. hello to all producers and especially Miku Hatsune Mexican’m a big fan that I see the good gundia very difisil that Bengan to MEXICO but says hello to your great fan fabrizio smooth FACKUZ MENEZ

  37. Please I hope you come to Puerto Rico, My friends and I have been praying for a long time for you to come!! I will still keep waiting for you to come no matter what!! ~~~(=^o ^=)

  38. VOCALOID CONCERT IN SYDNEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! NEEDED DESPERATLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  39. my friends and i are HUGE fans of Vocaloid, and we really want to see a Vocaloid Concert in Australia! It really would be amazing, it would be a dream come true (sounds really cheesy but its true!) So yeah, Please come to Australia! xD

  40. I’d gladly sing but the sing up is in japanese so I can’t read the authentication code. Anyways I hope this is just as valuable!

  41. I live in Puerto Rico as well. and I am a huge fan of the Vocaloid group. it would be such an extraordinary experience if you guys might consider doing a concert over here. there’s plenty of fans over here than you think. I’m hoping that the petition gets all those signatures soon. looking forward for the result of this. (;

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