VOCALOID Tutorial – Entering the Lyrics

So now that you have the pitches you created yourself or from importing the MIDI file as shown as in the previous step. After you created the pitch, you could clearly see that they’ve filled the lyrics section with a bunch of “a”. So you could play it and hear your VOCALOID says “a” with the pitches (he/she would sound like he/she’s humming the song), and if you’re happy with that, the next step is to enter the lyrics. The Japanese VOCALOID would accept romaji, hiragana or katakana. It will NOT accept kanji. To enter the lyrics, it’s pretty straight forward. Either double click on one of the pitch lines and type it, or right click on any of the pitch lines and select “Enter lyrics…”, and then enter the lyrics into the window that appears. And then you’re done! Click play to check if your VOCALOID can sing it properly.

If you don’t have the Japanese fonts and the ability to type Japanese on your computer, you don’t have to worry about it. Remember, the VOCALOID editor can accept romaji lyrics, so you can just type using the english keyboard without a special thing. Unless if you want to type in hiragana, I would probably make a tutorial on how to install the Japanese writing system later on. But if you want to type in romaji, read on…

Here’s another explanation video from Crypton.
Note: If you couldn’t view the video above, be sure that you’ve already installed the Adobe Flash Player.

And there you have it! Now your VOCALOID is singing! It’s that easy! Now what’s left is just the tuning part (and maybe make some PV if you’re planning to upload it into a video sharing site such as Nico Nico Douga). And you maybe notice that in the end of the video, the guy changes “Ha” (は) into “Wa” (わ). Well, in a real life situation, even though Watashiha was written as “わたしは”, it’s usually pronounced “Watashiwa”, or “わたしわ”. Keep in mind that your VOCALOID is singing every word you type, he/she doesn’t read it and make necessary changes by its own. Also keep in mind that the “Ha” (は) and “Wa” (わ) case is different with the “He” (へ) and “E” (え) case. If you want to be sure, just sing the song by yourself and type what you hear from your mouth. My explanation just now might be confusing, so here’s an example of what I’m talking about. This is a part of the lyrics from CLANNAD’s opening theme, メグメル ~Cuckool Mix 2007~.


Now, so that we could understand it better, let’s romanize it.

kaze no you na kasuka na koe ga

When you enter the lyrics just like that on the VOCALOID editor, your VOCALOID would sing it like this:

kaze no yo-u na kasukana koe ga

Well, you (よう) is usually pronounced as a longer version of yo (よ), but your VOCALOID would emphazise the u (う) part. So it’s better to just write yo (よ) in the VOCALOID editor, and then drag the note to show that it’s pronounced a bit longer.

Here’s another example of what I’m talking about, still from the same song. Note that this example is only applicable when you input the lyrics in hiragana or katakana. I don’t think you’ll get this problem when typing the lyrics in romaji, but if I’m wrong, please tell me in the comments below.

残さず伝えて きっと

Let’s romanize it again (for reference).

nokosazu tsutaete kitto

Enter the lyrics just like that on the VOCALOID editor and your VOCALOID would sing it like this:

nokosazu tsutaete kitsuto

Now, the kitto (きっと) part have been read by the VOCALOID editor as kitsuto (きつと). Why? Because usually, the っ indicates a small pause in a normal word, but in the VOCALOID editor, your VOCALOID reads it as a big tsu (つ).

So before entering the lyrics, think about those two examples for a while and change your lyrics where suitable for the VOCALOID to sing it. Now, go ahead and make a great song with your VOCALOID!

Source: Crypton Media ブログ

P.S.: The video above was from Crypton Media Blog. If they have been found inappropriate to be placed in this site, I’ll take them down. You may contact me by e-mailing me here.

  • Lizzy

    Hello, I know this is a late comment but… I need help, I’ve recently bought KAITO V3 as my first ever Vocaloid. I sorta know what im doing, but I cant make him sing. I’ll put in a word out of the dictionary they have given me but right beside that word will be [a] and despite the other letters in the box, itll just say “a”. I think I had him say ‘i’, but it came out as “eee” someone please help.

    • Dango Miku

      The A in the bracket are the phonetics. Phonetics are the way the vocaloid pronounce the words. There should be an option to switch the phonetics and the lyrics in the view section. The reason your notes are only coming out as “a” may be because the word your using isn’t comprehendable to the Vocaloid. Kaito V3 should have an english vb so try right clicking on the note screen and switching to Kaito english. In a japanese voice bank you basically only type things like “i” (which will sound like ee in a japanese VB), “Su”, “Ko”, and a lot more. In an english Vb it gets complicated, you basically use a BUNCH of phonetics to make them sound out the words. When you put “@” in the phonetics it makes an uh sounds (this is in the english VB only). Look up lots of tuning vocaloid tutorials and BE SURE to look up phonetics for english and japnese. I hope what I said makes sense.

  • NyanAoi

    Hi! I need help on my vocaloid 4 editor and everytime I insert a note, it keeps overlapping even if I try moving it. If I DO TRY to move it, it would leave spaces. Can you help me?

    • Mikusa

      Right click on note > Note length > 1/64
      I think that’s a way. Reply if it does not work.


    Hey everyone! I’m having a little problem using my VOCALOID 3 because I can’t insert all the lyrics in a song. It always ends at SONG POS. 33:1:000 and I don’t know how to add them anymore. plz help!

    P.S. Sorry that my comment is soooo late. :)

  • TTkazumi

    Look, my problem is how to find the length. Like in UTAU you can just right click the lyric and find the length, how do i know the length of a note in vocaloid? ;/

  • Cassie

    i can get miku to sing “s” without her saying u at the end ;-; how do i do that?

    • Taevas

      Right click,open the phonetics and delete the M of “s M”
      That’s how su sounds,the s being s and u being M so you just need to delete the M in order to say s.

  • Taevas

    The only thing i’m asking is that how do you put super short notes that are usually used before the actual ‘main’ notes.When I try its always either overlap or separated,they can’t be put together.I’ve fucked around with notes length but still its still nihil

  • Michael Kennish Jr

    I’m using VOCALOID 4 and was wondering if there was a way to get Miku sound like she is just talking, not singing.

  • meru

    I need help inserting wav files in vocaloid 4. I understand the measure and beat, but i need help with the “clock” part.

  • Foxy The Pirate Fox

    I’m having issues with VOCALOID 4. I have the MEGPOID VoiceBank, and I tried typing a song, but all it did was cause the program to sing “aaa” for the duration of the song. I even made my own dictionary for it to use. But it still went “aaa.” Is there any known fix?

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