Miku Mixing Box!

I want one :
I want one :<

At the Summer Wonder Festival this week, the Miku Mixing Box was announced. It’s a collaboration by Weekly Shounen Magazine and Crypton. The Mixing Box would contain a Miku fan book consisting of fanarts from PIAPRO, A new Miku Figure (see picture above), a Premier DVD consisting of songs and videos from PIAPRO, and a paper craft Miku. It will be released on September 25, 2008 at a price of 2,800 yen (taxes may apply).

The 2008 Summer Wonder Festival!
The 2008 Summer Wonder Festival!

On the Summer Wonder Festival of this year, not only Miku, but almost every VOCALOID gets its own figure. The only VOCALOID I can’t find was MEIKO… Anyway, enjoy some nice pics from the wonder festival below!
(As always, click on the picture for the full image)



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4 thoughts on “Miku Mixing Box!”

  1. I want them all too ;-;
    they all look so cute~! XD
    why can’t I live in Japan? T^T
    or at least they should release it outside Japan or make it easier for us to get it ><;

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