VOCALOID Tutorial – MIDI File Import

Hi! And welcome to a new section of this blog! In this section, we will discuss and learn more about the VOCALOID editor, the actual software itself to make VOCALOID songs.

On the VOCALOID editor screen, you enter lines on the screen on the appropriate pitch for your VOCALOID to sing. But if you have already made a song on your piano, or if you already have the base MIDI file, you don’t have to enter it all over again. The VOCALOID editor have an Import MIDI feature. So what if the MIDI file have 3 separate tracks in it, one of them being for the voice? You could just choose the “voice” track when importing the MIDI file into the VOCALOID editor.

To better illustrate what I was saying, please watch the following video from Crypton.
Note: If you couldn’t view the video above, be sure that you’ve already installed the Adobe Flash Player.

So there you have it, just use the MIDI file import feature to start off your VOCALOID creation. Thanks for reading! I’ll make more tutorials soon!

Source: Crypton Media ブログ

P.S.: The video above was from Crypton Media Blog. If they have been found inappropriate to be placed in this site, I’ll take them down. You may contact me by e-mailing me here.

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24 thoughts on “VOCALOID Tutorial – MIDI File Import”

  1. When ever I try to play anything on mine, I get an attention box with random letters and symbols. Yes, this is even after I changed the language to english.(With the amazing help of your tutorial on that. Thanks so much, btw. :]) I just got the program, so I reallly have no idea what I’m doing. ^^;

  2. @Lana: even though you changed the language into english, the error boxes would still be in Japanese, and I don’t know how to change them. the reason you got random letters and symbols is because you don’t have the japanese language pack installed on your windows xp =)
    is there anything you could make out from the error box? maybe your output setting’s not right… go to Settings -> Preferences and check the Audio Settings Tab. make sure that the Output is an Audio Device, not ReWire. =D

    1. Hello…
      I also have the same problem [Can't import MIDI files]…
      I checked my output settings and it's correct.
      Please help ;A;

  3. do you know how to combine vocaloid midi file and instrument midi file? i have adobe audition, FL 8 and synthfont. but i have no clue how to combine the voice and instrument.

  4. Once I get Vocaloid for the singing in my songs, what is suggested for the music in my songs? Do I have to get anouther program like GarageBand, or is there something designed pacifically for Vocaloid users?

    1. Anything would work. The next step of this is simply adding vocal to the instrumental / karaoke version of the song you used.

  5. I have a question, I just installed Vocaloid on my computer, and read some of the tutorials. But when I try to import a midi, it gives like an error or something, and when I try to press play, it gives another error, which has something to do with the voice rendering or something (I get the same error when I place voice segments on top of eachother >.> )

    Anyone know what's wrong?


  6. When I import my midi files and I remove any stacked lyrics in order to properly play it, I get an error and then the lyrics are replaced with thin lines. Am I doing something wrong? or is there such a thing as wrong midi files that I just so happened to get wrong. Also, is there a way to play music with the lyrics, or is it just I can only play the voice?

    1. i have the same issue. to stop them from becoming thin lines, switch to your default track and get rid of it. they switch to lines because vocaloid switches to the other track when it has an issue. as to how to fix the issue itself, however, im at a loss. if it helps, the error message that pops up is in gibberish and has the name of my track in it. any help on this would be greatly appreciated.

  7. Okay here's the deal. First I had put on the midi. Gives some sort of error. Just like everyone. Once I clicked on the several vocals that appear, well……..it gives me a new error BUT I can see the parts added on for me. How do I get it to play?

  8. I got it to work. But why can I not play all the tracks. Is there a limitation at all? I get an error if I put in all of them. Is it possible to combine parts from separate files?

  9. Can you suggest a very good program to make these MIDI files?
    (don`t mind if it cost money or free, just make sure its good)

    and are MIDI files compulsory to make a song with vocaloid?


  10. try cubase 5 or above. it is for proffesionals though.. but you can make song in VOCALOID2 first, save as MIDI file, and then import the MIDI file to cubase so that instruments can be mixed with miku voice and create a complete song. rather thann import MIDI to VOCALOID2, just export as MIDI, then use a softsynth XD 😀
     i hope this helps

  11. I’m very new to Vocaloid 3. So take my comments with a grain of salt.  I’m sure there are better ways of merging the music with the lyrics, but my method involves Sony’s “Acid Pro 7.0”.  It’s a looping editor that can also open/sequence midi files and edit them down.  Once I have the music the way I want it in Acid Pro, I then export it to a .WAV file for use in the V3 Editor.  You only get one stereo and one mono .WAV track in V3, so you have to do your instrument mixing outside of V3.

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