Weekly Ranking #45

Welcome to another Weekly Ranking!
It seems that last week’s chaos is back to normal, along with some nice Miku songs, although there are hardly any new song this week, probably due to the currently underway MikuMikuDance cup on Nico Nico Douga.
Anyway, without further ado, here’s my review of this week’s ranking!

週刊VOCALOIDランキング #45

08/08/12 01:07 投稿

週刊VOCALOIDランキング #45


Now let’s start with a quick review. One thing made me sad after I watch this ranking. Koi wa Sensou is still out of the ranking, it’s hanging on at the 36th place… And guess what? Urotandah made it back to the ranking! (Well, still on the top 30, though, the song didn’t make it up to the top 20). Most of the last week’s winners went down, drastically down (not Last Night, Good Night… that song will stay at the top of the weekly ranking for some time… and would probably join Miku Miku ni Shiteageru and the ryo songs to be one of the songs that would never leave the weekly rankings). And there’re two surprisingly awesome MEIKO song.

Well, I have nothing else to say other than the fact that the Gakupo hype is still on, so the top places are owned by Gakupo. And of course, the winner is really predictable (if you’ve been following the VOCALOID scene last week). Anyways, here’s a detailed review by me. The bolded ones are my highlights for this week’s ranking.

  • #30 Ah, last week’s Miku song, it’s pretty good, although, it’s doesn’t fit my music style…
  • #29 I’m actually pretty sad to see this song went down so drastically from last week’s ranking. This is actually one of my favorite Miku songs… Her voice is just done greatly in this song! I think it deserves a higher place…
  • #28 A pretty nice song my Gakupo and KAITO. They’re great together! I kind of like this song, but yeah, it wasn’t good enough…
  • #27 Saihate (サイハテ) made it back to the ranking… Guess it’s that season again in Japan… Still, this song is awesome, and it deserves to be back in the ranking.
  • #26 That serious Gakupo song. Gackt fans might like it, but I still don’t really like his voice…
  • #25 Lowest toned-KAITO I’ve ever heard. Len’s voice is also pretty great. But I don’t really like the theme of this song…
  • #24 Yay for Urotandah (卑怯戦隊うろたんだー) to enter back the ranking! Seems like last week’s chaos ended and so it came back to the ranking! This song was awesome anyways, so yeah, I’m glad it made it into the ranking!
  • #23 This song is pretty good. And the illustrations (or rather, animations) are pretty awesome as well… Hachune looks like she’s enjoying the drums! And Miku’s and Rin’s voice are also done greatly!
  • #22 Probably my favorite MEIKO song up until this point. This is a taiwanese song, by the way. Her voice is so awesome at this song! And the illustration is just full of win. Plus the Chibi MEIKO… is really really awesome. Overall, this song is full of win and is too awesome.
  • #21 Another radio show, this time with two KAITOs. If you follow the conversations, it’s actually great!
  • #20 This song is actually pretty good now that I listen to it all over again. The illustrations were pretty good too…
  • #19 Another full of win song by MEIKO. Her voice actually sounds cute if they use it this way… And the illustrations is just ful of win, too awesome. I’d recommend this song to anyone!
  • #18 Ah, Black★Rock Shooter (ブラック★ロックシューター) actually went up the ranking this week… And it seems that other ryo songs (unfortunately, except Koi wa Sensou…) are going up in the ranking…
  • #17 A really cute Miku song! Her voice is awesome and the illustration is just full of win, really awesome! Check this out if you haven’t done so!
  • #16 The ranking regular comes up this week... Seems like last week was a real chaos and this week it’s just returning to normal…
  • #15 Another cute awesome Miku song… It’s a pity it went down from last week, though… I still love this song!
  • #14 Okay… a really weird gakupo song… You could also see the “wwwwwww” if you watch the ranking, all over the video.
  • #13 Melt, checked. As expected, it went up the ranking.
  • #12 A pretty good KAITO song, KAITO in serious mode. KAITO and Gakupo seems like they can sing well in this kind of song… Wonder which will be better? (I say KAITO!)
  • #11 And… Miku Miku Ni Shiteageru is checked. And this leaves us to… World is Mine, which will be on the top 10. All the ranking regulars are going up the ranking this time…
  • #PU A pretty nice Len song… The illustrations were pretty cute, too! This is a pretty good song!
  • #10 I know this song isn’t new, but I love it so much that I’d higlight it. Len’s Fire◎Flower went UP the ranking this time. Well, it is really awesome… And the illustrations does not dissapoint. halyosy made an awesome song with Len this time… Along with wakana’s illustration, this song is full of win.
  • #09 And here comes the best Ranking regular, World is Mine. And it’s in the top 10 again!
  • #08 Finally, a new Miku song that’s pretty good.
  • #07 I’ve been following this song from Nico Nico Douga’s mylist ranking. And it’s so cool! The PV is just awesome, and the song… is full of win. It’s the best new Miku song for this week. Everyone should check this one out.
  • #06 Uh, I don’t really like gakupo so yeah, this song doesn’t really suits my taste
  • #05 3D sound. Awesome. Miku and Rin. Do I need to say more? I think this song is better than real songs by real artists. The 3Dness is better than real life. This song is awesome. Along with a great illustration, this song is highlited by me this month.
  • #04 This song is still awesome, and the illustration is nice! And this miku style is still on the top 5.
  • #03 Last week’s funny sad gakupo song! Poor gakupo, but I love Rin and Miku’s voice in this song!
  • #02 The only gakupo song that I actually really really love. Dancing☆Samurai is full of win.
  • #01 Last Night, Good Night is still awesome, but I grew tired of the illustration by redjuice… But who cares, the song is still AWESOME. It deserves to be the first place for two weeks in a row!
  • #ED A pretty slow Miku song, nothing special in it…

So there you have it! See you next week with another ranking!



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4 thoughts on “Weekly Ranking #45”

  1. Hi! Nice weekly ranking as usual xD Thank you~!

    I’m so happy for Last Night, Good Night [1] and Fire Flower [10]. They deserve it o<b The song and visual stole my heart right away. Yeah, the english is funny but I don’t care because it’s so friggin’ cool~~!!

    I also love monoroacht [8] <3 especially the visual, I love the typos <3 I’m very weak to this kind of theme and song xDD

    Shippu [6] Is actually the first Gakupo song that I approve, hahaha. There’s this one comment, “2:55 Waku2” and yes, that moment is win xDD Like Setsuna, the english is funny, but that’s why it’s so cool, hahaha xD

    LoL @Honey [22] I usually heard about japanese songs that were converted to taiwanese, not the reverse xDD

    My other favorites would be Innocent Hearts [29]; Saihate [27] (I really like the beat cracked so much)

    MOTTO!! [17] Very cute Miku song indeed <3 Love the beat and song xD

    Hatsune Miku no Soushitsu [16] …ah, actually I’m speechless about this song, one second I really like it, one second later it hurt my ears, then another second OMG!COOL. LoL

    HAPPY SUNDAY [15] There’re too many cute Miku songs (not that I complain xD) Love it <3

    Melt [13] Ah, the song you recommended to me! No wonder I can’t find it, LoL it was written in katakana. It’s really nice~~ <3 Na-na-na-nana-na-na~~ <3

    Miku Miku Ni Shiteageru [11] WTH with the comments, it’s all over the screen, LoL xDD The song is short but good <3

    Liberate [4] I don’t really like rock, but I like this kind of rock <3

    Dancing Samurai [2] I’m… about… to… die… from… laughing… The song and the beat is very brainwashing, not to forget the visual is so cracky… omg… xD

    Natsu no Hajimari [PU] Animation is very cute xD instrumental also fit (the guitar part is so nice) Very cute Len song <33

    Overall I’m very happy with the result (especially coz my favorites manages to be in, but I’m just curious actually did smile && you manage to be in rank? ;_;), there’re so many great VOCALOID songs out there, gyaaaaaa *_*

    Can’t wait for next week!!

  2. Hi sketchbaka! Welcome to the VOCALOID world! =D
    No problem! I’m always happy to post about the weekly rankings! =3
    Last Night, Good Night and Fire Flower are both awesome. I LOVE the english parts! xD
    shippu is pretty awkward and funny! =P
    but I don’t really like gakupo’s voice ;_;
    and yeah, most Japanese VOCALOID sang english lyrics quite awesomely! ^w^
    HONEY is seriously the best MEIKO song I’ve ever heard. and yeah, it’s also my first time hearing a taiwanese song sang by a japanese VOCALOID =)
    Innocent Hearts… Saihate… man, we really do have the same song preference, do we? and I meant EXACTLY the same xD
    Saihate is pretty awesome, for some reason it dissapeared from the weekly rankings for a while, and then this week it came back!
    MOTTO! and HAPPY SUNDAY are awesome. so… freaking… cute! =P
    Hatsune Miku no Souhitsu (fast, isn’t it?), Melt and Miku Miku ni Shiteageru are of course awesome, they’ve been in the weekly ranking since the first day they’re uploaded on Nico Nico Douga xP
    Liberate is pretty average (I don’t really like rock), and Dancing Samurai is the best gakupo song for me. I hate gakupo, but I LOVE this song!
    Natsu no Hajimari is pretty cute too =3
    and compared to last week, this week’s ranking is really awesome! (but I’m still sad for the fact that Koi wa Sensou is still out of the ranking)… oh, smile && you once won the daily ranking, but it never made it into the weekly rankings ;_;
    well, it’s considered the best early Rin/Len Act.2 songs, so it’s still awesome!
    Thanks for making such a long comment!

  3. Thanks for the welcome xD

    I don’t really like Gakupo also… (Len is way better ;_;), only those two songs, LoL. Yea, I think our music preference is really the same, hahaha, awesome.

    I’m quite sad for smile && you, it was my first VOCALOID song and the one which got me addicted to it… ;_; But yeah, no matter what, it’s still awesome <33

    This week is great <3 I really enjoyed my time browsing all those 30 songs, hahaha. Thanks again 🙂

  4. no problem, hope you’re enjoying your VOCALOID life xD

    uh, actually, there’s a competition between Gakupo and KAITO (IMO KAITO is so much better)… but yeah, len is awesome >w< smile && you is an awesome song even though it didn't make it into the rankings =) thanks again for visiting my blog! =D

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