VOCALOID Tutorial – ReWire

The VOCALOID Editor is compatible with many different formats such as the popular ReWire. Those of you who are using ReWire-supported applications such as Cubase, it’s strongly recommended to connect it to the VOCALOID editor. To be honest, I don’t really understand about the ReWire technology, so I can’t give any extra hints and tips about this program. Read more for the explanation video by Crypton.

Note: If you couldn’t view the video above, be sure that you’ve already installed the Adobe Flash Player.

So you could connect the VOCALOID editor with ReWire! Thanks for reading!

Source: Crypton Media ブログ

P.S.: The video above was from Crypton Media Blog. If they have been found inappropriate to be placed in this site, I’ll take them down. You may contact me by e-mailing me here.

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