Weekly Ranking #46

Another week, another ranking!
Sorry for the delay of this week’s ranking, everyone, I was too tired to be up last night… I’ll make sure I won’t be late again next week!
This week, it’s FULL OF WIN! Many of my favorite songs are going up, and some of my hated songs are going down! What more can I want? And THAT song is back on the ranking!
So, without further ado, here’s my review of this week’s ranking!

Now let’s start with a quick review. I’m so happy to see Miku once again to be the theme of this week’s ranking! Something made me really happy at the beginning of that ranking… Koi wa Sensou, the most underrated ryo songs ever, is finally back on the ranking, hanging on the 29th place. More people need to realize how good this song is! It’s really awesome. And to shock some of you, this week’s first place is not Last Night, Good Night… Instead, it’s a song I don’t really like (I’ll give you a hint: It’s a new song by Gakupo). But don’t worry, SETSUNA made it up to the third place this week! Congratulations SHIKI! Your hard work is finally paid off. And something’s REALLY wierd in here… WHY IS IEVAN POLKKA BACK IN THE RANKING SO SUDDENLY? I mean, that song was good, but it shouldn’t just go back to the ranking so suddenly… And there’s not much New songs this week… Anyway, read on for my detailed review.

I’ll add a new section to the Weekly Ranking review. The highlights would still be here, highliting the awesome new songs of the week. And then, there’s the Ranking Details button at the bottom of this post, to show you the details of this ranking. Be sure to test it out! And the new feature I’d like to introduce this week is the “Honorable Mentions” section. It’s a section where I’d say a VOCALOID song that’s awesome fromt the ending of the Weekly Ranking (which means the top 70 or so songs), but didn’t make it into the Weekly Ranking top 30. And next week, I’ll also introduce a new feature in here if I could. I’ll embed the Weekly Ranking directly into this post, so all of you could just watch the ranking without registering for an account at Nico Nico Douga or even leaving this page. So, without further ado, here’s my detailed review.

  • #30 Probably one of the most favorited Len songs ever, this song made it back into the ranking!
  • #29 I AM SO HAPPY TO SEE THIS BACK IN THE RANKING. Koi wa Sensou made it back into the ranking, making all 4 ryo songs in the ranking. People need to realize that this song is pretty awesome!
  • #28 A light, calm Miku song… This song is so peaceful, it calmes me down…
  • #27 A KAITO song, from another VOCALOID song, but I forgot which one… It’s pretty good, but it’s not my kind of song…
  • #26 A pretty weird but great Miku song… I have nothing else to say other than I think that this song is pretty awesome. Miku’s voice makes me calm down.
  • #25 Saihate (サイハテ) made it up the ranking this time! I’m so happy for it!
  • #24 I don’t understand this. I don’t understand this AT ALL. Why would Ievan Polkka suddenly enter the ranking like this? What made it go up like this? Well, looks like they have 100,000 comments already, so congratulations for that!
  • #23 The serious KAITO song… KAITO and Gakupo are battling at this music genre, and I think KAITO is winning! (Yes, I hate Gakupo).
  • #22 An awesome Miku song. I can’t really say anything except that it’s so awesome! I love this Miku song! And the illustration is so awesome! Miku Seifuku is pure win!
  • #21 Urotandah! It actually made it up the ranking… I wonder if it’ll claim it’s 2nd place spot again after losing it unexpectedly a month ago…
  • #20 Ah, the agent song from THE iDOLM@STER is pretty popular, huh? Even KAITO makes a parody of it… As a Yandere.
  • #19 There’s so many KAITO song this week, huh? And to be honest, I don’t really like this one…
  • #18 Wow, that super-funny Gakupo song (NOT Dancing☆Samurai, that song is still AWESOME)… It’s pretty good, but not that awesome…
  • #17 One of the weekly ranking regulars… Let’s move on to the next one…
  • #16 Ah, FireFlower went down this week... This song is still awesome. I still listen to it over and over again. Too bad it went down this week, but at least it’s still on the Top 20!
  • #15 Hey, Black★Rock Shooter actually made it up the ranking this week… Moving right along since it’s a weekly ranking regular…
  • #14 What’s with the sudden rise of songs? Now it’s a pretty good Miku song from the 55th place, rising dramatically to the 14th place... Well, it’s awesome, and it’s by the creator of “Saihate”. I really love this song.
  • #13 Miku Miku ni Shiteageru, checked. Well, it went down this week…
  • #12 An awesome pretty good Miku song! Of course, it’s about summer and the beach! I don’t really like the artworks though…
  • #11 Another Gakupo song… Guess the hype isn’t over yet. Now that I listen to it again, it was pretty good…
  • #PU ANOTHER Gakupo song. I don’t really like this one, though…
  • #10 Last week’s pretty good Miku song. I somewhat like it…
  • #09 And here comes anpther Ranking regular, Melt. And it’s in the top 10 again! Finally this song goes up the ranking!
  • #08 I love this song. VOiCE has been at the top of the Nico Nico Douga mylist ranking for some time, and it is pretty awesome. From what I’ve heard, this song is about unrequited love. It’s a Techno-style song, and all of you should check this one out.
  • #07 Wow, World is Mine actually ranked pretty high up this week... And that’s the last Weekly Ranking Regulars…
  • #06 YET ANOTHER Gakupo song… Sheesh, what’s with the many Gakupo song on the top of the weekly ranking?
  • #05 3D sound. Awesome. Miku and Rin. Do I need to say more? I think this song is better than real songs by real artists. The 3Dness is better than real life. This song is awesome. Along with a great illustration, this song is highlited by me this month. That was what I said last week with this song, and it still is what I think of this song. It is so awesome that I had to highlight it again this week.
  • #04 FINALLY, Last Night, Good Night went down the ranking. I might be the only person that’s happy with this, since I’m quite tired of hearing this song over and over again. It doesn’t have the appeal the ryo songs have. Ryo songs made me happy when I listen to it over and over again, but Last Night, Good Night is getting kind of old… And I don’t really like the Miku artwork in here… (Everything else is awesome, the fishes, the trees (?), and everything else is awesome)
  • #03 I AM SO HAPPY WITH THIS RANKING BECAUSE OF THIS SONG ON THE THIRD PLACE! SETSUNA is still awesome. The artwork is perfect. It’s a perfect collaboration by many artists. As for the song itself… Do I need to repeat myself? I love it, especially the english parts. Well, SHIKI, looks like your hard work is paid off. It’s great to see your song on the top three of the weekly ranking. I look forward to more songs being made by you.
  • #02 The only gakupo song that I actually really really love. Dancing☆Samurai is full of win. And it stays on the second place this week… No comment, other than I love this song. (The only Gakupo song that I like)
  • #01 Wow… This song is actually pretty good… And it’s a Gakupo song… Well, for now I have no comment for this song…
  • #ED An awesome Rin song!

Honorable Mentions:

  • #31 CLOSE 2U – 初音ミク
  • #33 MOTTO!! – 初音ミク
  • #38 HONEY – MEIKO
  • #44 Seikan Hikou – MEIKO
  • #48 Another World is Mine – KAITO
  • #49 Liberate – 初音ミク
  • #52 Triangle☆Girl’s Heart – 初音ミク
  • #55 blue night tears – MEIKO
  • #58 Nico Nico Douga Ryuuseigun – 初音ミク
  • #61 Re-Rise – 初音ミク
  • #62 Saihate – SweetAnn
  • #67 Black★Rock Shooter – 鏡音レン

So there you have it! See you next week with another ranking!



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6 thoughts on “Weekly Ranking #46”

  1. Yay for Koi no Senshou [29], Saihate [25] melt [9], World is Mine [7], Reverse Rainbow [5] AND SETSUNA [3] (OMG, xDD This song so deserves #1 next time) …but… NOOOOO Fire◎Flower [16] and monochroact [10] went down ;__;

    LoL yeah, Last Night Good Night is awesome but other songs deserves a chance too xD

    #30 Uh-oh, the theme is disturbing (but that’s why I like it! LoL)

    #28 Ah, the calmness, the blue sky… yes, I like this kind of song <3

    #27 Surprisingly, I kinda like this song even though it’s not really my type, LoL. It reminds me of Breath of Fire game O_o

    #26 Hyaaa, I love the music and beat, very nice 🙂

    #24 I have nothing to say except LoLLL

    #23 Was this song in weekly ranking last week? I have a feeling I heard this song before but why only now I’m taking a liking to this song xD Don’t worry, Ren is still the best, haha.

    #22 Waaaaahhhh cute <33 It sounds like a normal JPop xD

    #14 Oh, I heard this song before, I actually like the music (the vocal sounds weird). Oh, I never realize it’s the same composer as Saihate… xD

    #12 Oh, I like this song _>)

    Oh, I just heard #31 few days ago and I like it <3 I never thought it’s rank would be so close to top 30 xD

    #58 LoL xDD Too bad the orchestra version would never be in ranking, haha.

    Seems like Gakupo pwns this week’s ranking… hahaha. Japan, what’s with the sudden change? ;_;

  2. SETSUNA deserves a first place… but I didn’t think it could be on the first place with all the other songs T^T
    and yeah, Fire◎Flower is going down T^T
    let’s just hope it gets better next time =)

    #30 Yep, and that’s why most people like it >w=3
    #26 Yes! It is awesome!
    #23 If you look at the ranking details, yeah it was at the 12th place last week!
    #14 Saihate was awesome, isn’t it… What do you think of the SweetAnn version (which ranked #62 this week)? =3
    #12 Yep, I also like this song xD
    #58 Yeah, the Orchestra was the best~! >w<

  3. LoL true, there’re too many great VOCALOID’s songs @_@ (not that I complain, fufufu)

    #23 LoL, no wonder I kept having de javu.
    #62 Uhyooooo!!! O_o;; Cool, but honestly, without the lyric I wouldn’t understand, LoL Overall good song though, the original still the best xD

  4. Yeah, I think SweetAnn is kind of hard to hear (the Japanese VOCALOID are always the best! >w<) hahaha, true, there are too many great VOCALOID songs... even more than real artist songs =3

  5. OMG YES!
    #22 is WIN. Miku in a seifuku FTW! =)
    and the song is also awesome =3
    I don’t really like the illustrations in #12,
    but the song itself is awesome =D
    and do I need to say anything about #2?
    and yeah, me too! #31 is awesome! xD

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