19’s Sound Factory: First Sound Story

An awesome Miku album! w
An awesome Miku album! >w<

Now, it has been a while since a Hatsune Miku album is released… And another officially released album is released 3 days ago. It was 19’s Sound Factory’s “First Sound Story”. You may have heard “Dear” or “Gratitude”… Those are awesome Miku songs created by suiitsu(emi)P or usually called 19’s Sound Factory. He released an album containing 6 of his original Miku songs, and it’s already available on Amazon since 3 days ago.

On amazon, you could already see that this album is sold out. However, Rakuten still sells them, so go there if you want to buy a copy. This album was pretty awesome! Read more for more information!

>> Amazon.co.jp
>> Rakuten


  1. Birth
  2. Voice
  3. メランコリー
  4. Tears in Blue
  5. Dear
  6. Gratitude

I already purchased the album because of the last two tracks. “Dear” and “Gratitude” are awesome! But of course, you can also watch all of those videos in Nico Nico Douga…

Oh, and in a few days, another Miku album would be released, “Re: Package”, with “Last Night, Good Night” in it, along with some livetune music. I hope that all of these official albums made it into the CD charts on Japan.

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