Just a quick update: New things in this blog…

Well, I’ve run this blog for about a month now, and I added a few things…

  1. I’ve added a simple forum to this site, so all of us can have a small community in here. For those who have registered in this blog, you don’t have to re-register, all of you have been automatically added on the forum members list. For those of you who haven’t registered on this blog yet, please do so now by clicking the “Register” link at the Welcome sidebar on your right. Or just click here. In the future, I’d also connect blog posts to forums so that you could discuss about it in there.
  2. I’ve made a YouTube channel especially for this blog. You could find it in here. I’ll upload VOCALOID-related videos from Nico Nico Douga daily in there (as long as the video is under 10 minutes). Feel free to add me or comment on my channel page.
  3. Videos from Nico Nico Douga would be embedded in this site. Well, not all of them, but my priority is to embed the weekly ranking into this site. I’ll perhaps do it using Revver, as YouTube doesn’t allow videos more than 10 minutes and I have a limited space on my server. If you have a better idea on where feel free to post a comment down below (Not Veoh as they blocked Indonesia from using their site).

Just a quick update to tell you what’s new on this blog. I’ll post an interesting article later on at night, so see you soon! Thanks for reading!

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2 thoughts on “Just a quick update: New things in this blog…”

  1. Quite a few channels on youtube regularly upload the rankings (in 2 parts), you could embed those. I suggest “after the jump” otherwise it could lag the front page loading with loads of embedded stuff on it.

  2. That’s what I’m avoiding, I don’t want the video to be at two parts… Well, for now I’m uploading them to my own server… But maybe in the future I’d use your suggestion… =D
    Yep, all videos on this site are “after the jump”. You’ll never see a video on the front page =3

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