Sad News: Miku couldn’t race…

Remember my post about the Racing Miku Itasha a few days ago? Turns out that Miku couldn’t race… Because the car didn’t meet the GP’s regulation about the fuel system. Well, the car itself is awesome, and they did race a few laps on the circuit on the GP practice 2 days ago, so it wasn’t a complete waste, and it’s another milestone for Hatsune Miku’s popularity. But, it’s still a very sad news to hear. I was actually really looking forward to the Hatsune Miku GP debut, but it looks like it had been called off… Read on for a video of the practice.

For anyone who haven’t seen the video of the practice yet, here’s the video:

And of course, here it is in Nico Nico Douga!

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4 thoughts on “Sad News: Miku couldn’t race…”

  1. I don’t know about how it sounds… I never heard a real GT car before, so this is a first for me ><; Well, the fuel system is the only reason it can't race, though >:

  2. It’s not the fuel system that makes it sound different, It’s more the fact that changed the engine into a naturally aspirated V8 compared to other JGTC cars which have bi-turbo V6’s. It shouldn’t have been a problem had the fuel delivery system met the standards which should be no different from that used in V6 engines save for the 2 extra fuel injectors.

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