Hatsune Miku on the PSP!

I just felt the need to post this news, more than anything else (to tell you the truth, there are three other things I’m writing on this blog). This is probably the happiest news I have ever heard! It’s approaching Miku’s birthday… There’s the SuperGT, and today Re:Packaged released with a success (I’ll write about it later on). But this news surpassed them all. I just got the newest Issue of Famitsu, and something made me stop at a particular page. It’s the picture of Hatsune Miku. Which means… she’s going to appear on another game. And it appears that this is quite a big appearance for her, since her name is on the title of the game… Read on for the Famitsu Scan and some more details.

By the way, this article is pretty old, check this new one for more details!

And just now… the PIAPRO blog is updated with the news that “The use of the Hatsune Miku character in a game development has been announced!”. Anyways, here’s the full excerpt from the PIAPRO development bog, by Kuri☆Ken.


I’ll try to translate them roughly, if it’s wrong, sorry! ><;
Please tell me on the comments below and I’ll fix it =D
Thanks htsuji for telling me what 音ゲーチックなゲーム means! >w<

Suddenly, the use of the Hatsune Miku character in a game development has been decided! It does have a story, and it kind of looks like some kind of music game, and the full details would be written on the 29 August Issue of Famitsu.

The game is codenamed “Hatsune Miku Project DIVA”, and as you could already see from the title, Miku is going to be the main character of the game, not just an add-on or extra unimportant character like in Hello Work! DS (forgot the full title) or PangYa! Japan.

The game have an interesting content and story (or so they say, but we’ll see about that sooner or later), a Music Rhythm game, and a wide customization option (dressing Miku up? awesome!). Also, users can create Music Videos, Musics, and 3D animations together with Miku in this game. I can’t wait for this game! I will DEFINITELY get this game NO MATTER WHAT. Famitsu reports that the game is currently 40% finished. As I said, the game is going to be for the PSP. It would be produced by SEGA and is scheduled to be released in 2009. A website has been set up and can be accessed at http://miku.sega.jp/, but it’s currently under construction (thanks again for htsuji for pointing this out!).

This game looks AWESOME!! Click for a higher resolution!
This game looks AWESOME!! Click for a higher resolution.
And the game itself looks awesome! I'll get it NO MATTER WHAT.
And the gameplay itself looks awesome! I'll get it NO MATTER WHAT.

PIAPRO is also planning to do something for Hatsune Miku’s birthday in the coming Sunday, and I’ll report on it later on in this blog. I do have some more interesting posts I might publish tonight, so see you later! I’ll report on any further development of this game!

One more awesome thing on the coutdown of Hatsune Miku’s birthday!

Additional note: I have made an updated post about the gameplay and of course, the trailer of the game. You could view it by clicking here!


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14 thoughts on “Hatsune Miku on the PSP!”

  1. Yup, I’m thinking of getting a PSP soon because two of my fav things coming into PSP! xD
    I hope I can get a PSP soon…

  2. I’ll go and fix my half-destroyed PSP (or even buy a new one) ONLY for this game… (and maybe for iM@S SP, kazearashi xD)
    I’ll go and buy this game when it comes out, instantly xD
    yes, I’ll BUY it… =3

  3. Hi, this is just for your infomation. ”チック” in “音ゲーチック” is a suffix borrowed from English “-ic.” Like the English suffix “-ic,” the “チック” changes an noun to an adjective. This funny (someone would say “grammatically sloppy”) suffix is usually used in a casual, informal conversation.
    And “音ゲー” is “music game,” which is something like Beatmania.

    So, “音ゲーチックなゲーム” means “a game that / looks like / is kind of / has a taste of / a music game.”

    Anyway, I’m looking forward to the game, too. Sega is preparing a new site already. http://miku.sega.jp/ (Currently under the construction)

  4. Thanks for pointing that out! =3
    I just started learning Japanese last year so it’s still pretty bad xD
    Ah, I see… =o
    Thanks for telling us about the SEGA miku site! =)
    And thanks for visiting my site xD

  5. Oops. Sorry kevinay. I didn’t read your new article before posting.
    As for the SEGA Miku site, I guess it has been updated on time but seems being excessively overloaded. I had to retry again and again and wait for a long time to the first page and still can’t see the following pages. (But I’m not complying with that. It’ll be fine in few hours, I guess.)

  6. @htsuji
    naah, it’s okay =D
    the SEGA miku site is excessively overloaded, I had to refresh my firefox for about 50 times before I can actually see the front page of the site… =D
    and the site was updated and some new content was found… and most importantly… THE TRAILER OF THE GAME!!
    the trailer of the game is AWESOME!! that has got to be the best rhytm game ever!
    I mean, controls look neat, room system is awesome, and the songs are from PIAPRO! and most of all, great graphics with a 3D Hatsune Miku in it!
    I’m now making a post about it and every detail I could find would be posted on this site in a few minutes =)
    (don’t worry, the trailer would be uploaded to this site) =3

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