Re:Package Released! It’s on top of almost every ranking!

Miku’s birthday is almost here, just 4 days left. More things are happening for her birthday. First, there was the SuperGT in Suzuka Circuit, the PSP game for her, and now the Re:Package album is almost on top or every ranking, on it’s first day of release! Yes, that’s right, for people who forgot, today is the release date of the Re:Package album, an official Hatsune Miku album by livetune, which would include “Last Night, Good Night”. Let’s see the rankings. Most people who are in Nico Nico Douga would probably notice that in the bottom of a video page, there are products that are related to the video itself. People could then click on ti and buy it from Nico Nico Douga partners (such as Amazon Japan). Most people buy products that way, since sometimes there are special discounts by Nico Nico Douga. This advertising box is called “Nico Nico Ichiba”, and guess what’s the top selling product?

Here’s a screenshot of the daily product ranking, in ALL categories.

Who's number one?
Who’s number one? Re:Package!

Yes, that’s Re:Package in there, in all categories, it beat everything else. Here’s the product details and you could see where the clicks are coming from (from which video) on the product detail page. To go to the product detail page, just click on the image below!

Re:Package have a successful release day!
Re:Package have a successful release day!

Okay, so that’s from Nico Nico Ichiban. Let’s take it into a bigger scale. Amazon Japan is the primary seller of this album, so let’s see how Re:Package is doing in there! Here’s the Amazon Japan product ranking in the music category!

Number two in a huge marketplace!!
Number two in a huge marketplace!!

And this product is already listed at the Oricon Charts website, which means that it’s eligible in the Oricon Chart! We’ll see how this goes on the next Oricon Chart! Here’s the product page!

It is listed on the Oricon Website!
It is listed on the Oricon Website!

So it’s a pretty sucessful launch by livetune. And by the way, check their website up! It’s really awesome! So that’s Re:Package. Thanks for reading!

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  1. I love this album~~~!!! <3 ;_; I think “Packaged” is my most fav song in this album xD (both normal and piano version). More people should produce album like this, LoL.

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