Weekly Ranking #47

It’s that time of the week again! Time to review the weekly rankings!
I’m sorry everyone for being late for two days… T^T
I’ll do my best to be on time next time =D
Most of my favorite songs went down, but that’s not necessarily bad, since some awesome great songs appeared, and THAT song made it to the second place!
So welcome to another weekly ranking review! I’m pretty sure most of you would hate this ranking, though…


This week it seems that there are many Gakupo and KAITO duets… And the winner is still Gakupo! Most songs that I like went down, but there are also some awesome new songs… And that particular song that I love went up! So this ranking is pretty average. I don’t have anything to say in general, though, so I’d just review each and every song in the detailed review below.

  • #30 Saihate went down this week… I still like this song… T^T
  • #29 AH! Fire◎Flower also went down drastically… This song is an awesome masterpiece by halyosy, but I guess it couldn’t stay in the Weekly Ranking for a long time… ;-;
  • #28 I don’t know why but this song is reminding me about pirates… Maybe because the background instruments (and Miku’s voice) are like the BGM of those pirate movies? Nonetheless, it’s still a pretty good Miku song!
  • #27 I kind of like this one… That Miku illustration was kind of good… =x
  • #26 A pretty serious KAITO song… It have something that makes me like this song xD
  • #25 Urotandah went down this time! I guess it won’t be coming back to the second place like in the old ranking again… Well, this song is awesome, especially with its new PV!
  • #24 Finally! An awesome new song by 19’s Sound Factory, who just released his first album, First Sound Story, which features 6 of her Miku songs. I’ve always loved their song (especially Dear and Gratitude) and this new song (Breeze) is so awesome!
  • #23 Wow, this song went down to the top 30… But it’s still in the ranking, so its’s still a Weekly Ranking Regular… Makes me wonder if I’m going to see this song again next week, but my guess is that it’ll stay in the ranking next week…
  • #22 A pretty good KAITO and Gakupo duet, but this isn’t my kind of song, so I didn’t really like it.
  • #21 Monochroact went down again! This time it’s down pretty drastically T^T
  • #20 ANOTHER KAITO and Gakupo duet… Wonder why those two are always together… Anyhow, I think this song is even worse than the one before (#22)…
  • #19 Ah, that awesome song (although I don’t like the illustrations…)! It went down pretty drastically now… So many great songs are going down this week! ;-;
  • #18 Finally! Another new Miku song that’s awesome! I love this song! It’s pretty cheerful and the illustrations are awesome! =D
  • #17 A pretty good new Miku song, although the song wasn’t my kind of song, I still love it!
  • #16 An awesome duet by KAITO and MEIKO… But nothing special so I can’t comment anything on it…
  • #15 Eh, Black★Rock Shooter actually made it up this time! Horray for another Weekly Ranking regular!
  • #14 Ah, even Sakasama Rainbow went down… Another reason to hate this ranking… I LOVED THIS SONG! A perfect combination of High-Pitched Miku and High-Pitched Rin! And the illustrations are also awesome! =3
  • #13 Now, THIS is the reason probably most people is going to hate this ranking! The Last Night, Good Night hype is finally over, so the song went down 9 positions, to the 13th place, from the 4th place. Last week the song is out of the top 3, and this week it’s out of the top 10. What will happen next week? Would it stay in the ranking for a long time like Miku Miku ni Shiteageru or Melt? Let’s just see later on! =D
  • #12 Aha, I love this song! Gakupo looks funny in here! And the new PV is awesome! (He sure is unlucky)… And Miku and Rin is just adding up the awesomeness! =)
  • #11 Okay, I totally love this song! It’s so cute! And the illustrations are awesome! All in all, an awesome cute song!
  • #PU The winner of the Daily Ranking of today… Since it’s just released, it didn’t have enough time to accumulate enough points to enter the weekly ranking, but in just one day, it made it into the 35th place and it’s picked up! I think this song would enter the weekly ranking next week… Since it’s so awesome!
  • #10 ANOTHER World is Mine follower… Guess that’s the most popular ryo song… Well, I don’t really like this particular one, though…
  • #09 This week’s Miku’s birthday party. And the first thing that came into my mind, is this song. I wonder how would Miku’s birthday party be celebrated on Nico Nico Douga? Anyways, this is just another Weekly Ranking Regular, and it seems that it actually went up from last week…
  • #08 Aaaah! My favorite Gakupo song is out of the top 3… Well, it’s still awesome, though T^T
  • #07 World is Mine is number 7 this week…
  • #06 YAY! VOiCE went up! This song is awesome! Check it out if you haven’t done so…
  • #05 A new Miku song but this isn’t my style of song, so I don’t really like it...
  • #04 And this completes the Weekly Ranking Regulars checklist. Wait a second… Melt is in the top 5!?
  • #03 Ah, this wierd Miku song that’s only about 1-2 minutes long… It’s kind of addictive (to hear the song over and over again) but it’s not that awesome… ;-;
  • #02 YAAAAAAAAY~! SETSUNA IS NUMBER TWO!! IT’S NUMBER TWO!! A big congratulations to SHIKI!! It started at number 7, went up to the third place, and now it’s on number two! I just hope that this song gets first place next week… The song is awesome, and the illustrations (done by several artists, refer to one of my previous post about this song to find out more about it) is full of win! Looks like SHIKI’s hard work is paid off!
  • #01 One of the best Gakupo songs ever!! At first I hate Gakupo, but this song actually made me kind of like him…
  • #ED Surprisingly, the ED song is cute and awesome!

Honorable Mentions

  • #31 Koi wa Sensou – 初音ミク
  • #32 Ievan Polkka – 初音ミク
  • #36 SUPER AGOANIKI BEAT – 初音ミク, 鏡音リン and 鏡音レン
  • #37 ORCA – 初音ミク
  • #38 Packaged – 初音ミク
  • #41 Nake Nashinochikara – 初音ミク
  • #50 Another World is Mine – KAITO
  • #55 Nico Nico Douga Ryuuseigun – 初音ミク
  • #57 Koi no Mikuru Densetsu – 初音ミク

So there you have it! See you next week with another ranking!

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6 thoughts on “Weekly Ranking #47”


    Songs that are STILL in my head:
    – VOiCE
    – Dancing Samurai (lol best Gakupo song ever)
    – Last Night, Good Night

    .. And I’m starting to love Natsuiro Canvas! ^^

  2. sure, here’s the full english/romaji names of the song, I’d put them on my posts starting next week ^^
    #30 Saihate – Miku
    #29 Fire◎Flower – Len
    #28 Tsui – Miku
    #27 Night Bloom – Miku
    #26 Waiting in Earth – KAITO
    #25 Urotandah – Miku, KAITO and MEIKO
    #24 Breeze – Miku
    #23 Donshoku Musha KAITO – Gakupo
    #23 Hatsune Miku no Shoushitsu – Miku
    #21 Monochro Act – Miku
    #20 Koi no Vacaces – KAITO and Gakupo
    #19 Natsuiro ☆ Canvas – Miku
    #18 Lively Night! – Miku
    #17 Hontou no Jibun – Miku
    #16 Norainu Shissou Biyori – KAITO and MEIKO
    #15 Black★Rock Shooter – Miku
    #14 Sakasama Rainbow – Miku and Rin
    #13 Last Night, Good Night – Miku
    #12 Super Turkish March – Gakupo
    #11 Kanata Made Niji wo Kakete – Miku
    #10 Sentou is Mine – Miku
    #9 Miku Miku ni Shiteageru – Miku
    #8 Dancing☆Samurai – Gakupo
    #7 World is Mine – Miku
    #6 VOiCE – Miku
    #5 Luna -Umi no Yousei- – Miku
    #4 Melt – Miku
    #3 Peyong dabah – Miku
    #2 SETSUNA – Miku
    #1 Under the darkness – Gakupo
    thanks for visiting! =D

  3. thanks a lot actually i need them cause im planning of opening a vocaloid series on crunchyroll and need the romaji names je thanks like this i’ll be able to search for them and donload the videos when the channels done i hope u join it 🙂

  4. no problem, if you need anything else feel free to ask me ^^
    ah, crunchyroll… I’ve heard of that site, but never joined it… sure, I’ll check it out later on =D

  5. LoL, I did hope SETSUNA to be no1 though, hopefully next week!! xD And hurray for Melt~!! <3

    I’m sad for this week’s result, a lot of my fav songs went down drastically, even Reverse Rainbow,monochroact, etc2 ;_; But yeah, news songs that replaced them were not bad, they’re better than I thought. It’s a win-win situation I guess xD

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