Hatsune Miku Project DIVA website opening soon!

Coming Soon... Soon as in 2 DAYS!!
Coming Soon… Soon as in 1 DAY!!

2 Days before Hatsune Miku’s birthday. As htsuji said yesterday on my first news about Hatsune Miku Project DIVA, a PSP game (check my yesterday’s post about it), SEGA opened a site specially for the game. That website have started to count down for 31 August 2008, 00:00:00 AM. That’s EXACTLY when Miku’s birthday is. I don’t know what this may mean, maybe the website would open soon? If so, this game really IS a birthday present for Miku from SEGA… Note that I don’t know if tomorrow would be the opening of the website. Anyway, the new Famitsu is out but I didn’t have the scan yet, sorry… Some details have been revealed by PIAPRO, though, read on…

SEGA x PIAPRO Collaboration seems awesome! =D
SEGA x PIAPRO Collaboration seems awesome! =D

SEGA has begun a collaboration of PIAPRO, so we’ll see more updates on this game from the PIAPRO development blog. So this is what Kuri☆Ken is hiding… Anyway, it looks like the game is confirmed to be a Rhytm game… And there’s this SEGA x PIAPRO collaboration. Let me repeat that again. A rhytm game, and a SEGA x PIAPRO collaboration. What does this mean? THERE WILL BE SONGS IN THE GAME FROM THE COMMUNITY AT PIAPRO!! And of course, illustrations from there would also be used for accessories, and “wallpaper”.


Full details would be revealed once I get a hold of the Famitsu article or once the website opens (maybe tomorrow). Yes, I would not sleep and wait for the countdown of the website to finish and then I’ll blog about it (and the Hatsune Miku’s birthday too). So see you tomorrow for the full details!


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