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The most popular software to program 3D animations for Miku, MikuMiku Dance (or usually known as MMD), is updated to Version 3. The biggest feature of this version is the “Multi-Model” feature. I’m not that good in 3D modelling, so I don’t really know what those features mean. Read on for videos and more information about the new version of MMD.

So basically, in the new MMD, you could add more characters in one animation. And yes, there are more characters, like Haku. Say you’d like to program Miku, Rin, and Haku together in one animation. You could also add more background items animations now!

Yowane Haku can now be animated!
Yowane Haku can now be animated!
Yowane Haku on a stage! Makes me wonder what'll happen if she's real and is singing on a stage xD
Yowane Haku on a stage! Makes me wonder what’ll happen if she’s real and is singing on a stage xD
And of course, Rin and Miku joins in the fun!
And of course, Rin and Miku joins in the fun!
Program 3 Characters at once!
Program 3 Characters at once
More Background Animations!
More Background Animations!

But videos would explain it better… Here’s a sample video for it.

And for those people who wants the full information, here’s the full post from 初音ミクみく…



アクセサリに関していえば、読み込み時にオフセットや角度の調節をしたり、倍率を指定することも可能になっている。また、キャラクターに持たせたいときには、どの部位にくっつけるかをドロップダウンリストで選択できてしまうのも便利。そして、全体的に、ひとまわり大きいシステムになっているにもかかわらず、操作性が失われていないのがすごすぐる。やヴぁいわコレ! つい何もかも忘れて夢中になっちまうでつー^^

情報によれば、次の動画の作者の悩みがMMD Ver3によって大幅に解決してしまうようでつ(確かに^^)。誰か教えてあげて。キャラクターを3人追加。人数はいくらでも増やせる。ちなみに、出てくるのは画面中央。「全て選択」を選んで移動しておかないと重なってしまうので注意。ダミーボーン(下から生えているクサビ型のしるし)にネギを関連着けてみたところ。これで、アクセサリに簡単なアニメーションをさせることができる

Now, I can’t translate them (my Japanese isn’t good enough T~T), and if someone could translate them, it’d be much appreciated. So what do you guys think about this update? While I like Haku, I love Neru more. I just hope that they’ll include Neru in the next version T^T…

And wow, someone has made a video using MMD version 3 and uploaded it to Nico Nico Douga! Here’s the video…

For people who can do 3D animation, click here to download MMD version 3. Thanks for reading!

Source: 初音ミクみく

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