Weekly Ranking #48

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Sorry everyone, I’ve been kind of busy in the last few days, so apologies for the lack of updates, but in exchange, I’ll be writing more than 5 entries tonight! =D

So anyways, this week’s weekly ranking pretty much wins. Most of my favorite songs went down, but the new songs that appeared were great! (Especially the winner…)

Most of the songs in the ranking are Miku songs, as expected, since last Sunday was her birthday. The winner of the ranking was uploaded at 31 August 2008, at 00:00 AM. So we could probably think that it’s a present for Hatsune Miku’s birthday. Well, the song have been waited by many people (including me)…
Oh, and it generated 450,000 points in almost two days, the first 300,000 on the first 17 hours. And it’s constantly on the top of the Weekly, Daily and Hourly Nico Nico Douga mylist ranking. So I guess we could expect that this song would be the winner of next week’s Weekly Ranking. Read on for more details and my review.


I’ll just tell you this right now. There are so many Weekly Ranking highlights, because there are so many new great songs (mostly a song for Hatsune Miku’s birthday last Sunday). There would also be many Honorable Mentions, since the ranking goes on until number 80-ish. But in the end, this ranking is full of win.

  • #30 I love this song! Miku’s voice is great and the instrumental parts are also awesome! It’s a mecha anime style song… =3
  • #29 Aw… This song went down… I still love it, a cute Miku song! =o
  • #28 MEIKO is the best when it comes to this genre of song… It kind of have a nostalgic taste into it… xD
  • #27 Still pretty great… Nagimiso-san is so awesome in drawing the illustrations! =3
  • #26 Humm… Last Night, Good Night went down pretty drastically this week, guess this song wouldn’t stay at the weekly ranking forever… I don’t really like it either (I prefer Strobe Nights! That song is awesome) =D
  • #25 Ah, this is one of the Miku Classic songs (as in the Miku songs that are uploaded about one year ago, such as Ievan Polkka or Miku Miku ni Shiteageru), nice to see it back in the ranking, the song is nice! Well, probably since it’s Miku’s birthday, people are revisiting her old songs =3
  • #24 One of the best new Miku songs available this week. This is the birthday present for Miku from YasuoP (the creator of Electric Angel). This song is great! =)
  • #23 I just love hearing KAITO and MEIKO singing together… This song is still great! =D
  • #22 The use of 3 Hatsune Miku tracks created an awesome harmony. Plus they’re so different (one voice sounds like the voice of a cute child, while another voice sounds like a teen girl), so it sounds pretty great and unique. A great new song =3
  • #21 Another Happy Birthday song for Miku (maybe the genre doesn’t fit, though…). I fell in love with the song ever since I first heard it in the Daily Ranking… It gives me this mysterious feeling, but it’s still awesome overall! =D
  • #20 Black Rock Shooter went down this week, seems like ryo songs aren’t very popular in this years’ Miku’s birthday… =x
  • #19 Fell in love instantly with this song the first time I heard it in the Daily Ranking… Probably the best (in my opinion) VOCAROCK song until now! I just love it! Especially the guitar parts… =3
  • #18 Ah, Packaged. I got the album a few days ago, and is currently loving it. This Remix isn’t so bad either, although maybe most people would prefer the original song… But I kind of love it! Another great song by livetune and cosMo… Congratulations on the number 5 on ORICON charts for Re:Package, by the way… =D
  • #17 I AM SO IN LOVE WITH THIS SONG (and its producer name). Can’t stop listening to it. It’s my personal favorite song of this week’s Weekly Ranking. LOLI.COM (the producer name) is just awesome, I always love everything he made (well, maybe that was just my opinion). Overall, this is an awesome song with a cute illustration. =)
  • #16 Even Dancing Samurai went down this week… Guess the top songs are all Miku songs since it was just her birthday… =x
  • #15 It have been a long time since a MMD went into the ranking… And this one’s pretty cute, too! xD
  • #14 The illustration in this one is amazing. Kobayashi Okinisu did an awesome job with it. But I don’t really like the song, but maybe that’s just my musical preference… I still kind of like it, though… =x
  • #13 Even World is Mine is out of the top 10… =o
  • #12 Nooo!! Not SETSUNA… It went out of the top 10… I still love your song, SHIKI… T~T
  • #11 Melt is also out of the top 10… Gues ryo’s songs didn’t fit Miku’s birthday after all… =/
  • #PU Haven’t heard a ballad from Miku for a while… This one was pretty amazing… =)
  • #10 Finally this song went down from the first place… Krystal said that this song is kind of the “practice song” for all male VOCALOIDs… And the song itself is pretty awesome, I just don’t really like Gakupo’s voice… =x
  • #09 A cutesy song… A yuri song… It’s still cute and amazing, though… It’s kind of stylish too! =D
  • #08 OMG LOL at this song! Web Designer KAITO… Who complains about his clients who made unreasonable demands… xD
  • #07 Cendrillion… Another KAITOxMiku song, I’m pretty sure most people would hate it (the pair), but the song itself is really amazing! =3
  • #06 A happy birthday song for Miku from OSTER project. This song made me cry the first time I heard it. Another masterpiece from OSTER project! =D
  • #05 Ah, another happy birthday song for Miku… This one’s pretty calm and is fun to listen to! The song’s quality is great! =)
  • #04 The first appearance of Kasane Teto on the ranking! Kasane Teto is one of the unofficial VOCALOIDs, you could find out about her more in here. But she became a real VOCALOID thanks to UTAU! =3
  • #03 Peyong Dabaa is still number 3 in the ranking, and it’s still addictive to hear it! =3
  • #02 Congratulations for 5 million views! This is the perfect song for Miku’s birthday! ^w^
  • #01 Finally! I’ve been waiting for this Nico Nico Douga Ryuuseigun ALL VOCALOID version by awk! The wait was worth it. It was uploaded at 00:00 AM on 31 August 2008. So it’s obvious that this is a birthday present for Miku! This is really, really amazing! Perfect Tuning and great animations! The icons (which indicates which VOCALOID is singing) is really useful! Overall, a masterpiece! =D
  • #ED Pretty nice, better than the usual ED songs… =)

And of course, here’s the Honorable Mentions =3

  • #31 Hatsune Miku no Shoushitsu -DEAD END- (LONG VERSION) – 初音ミク
  • #33 Urotandah – 初音ミク, KAITO and MEIKO
  • #34 Super Turkish March – がくぽ
  • #35 Packaged – 初音ミク
  • #38 Ievan Polkka – 初音ミク
  • #41 Light Song Remix – 初音ミク
  • #43 VOiCE – 初音ミク
  • #45 Saihate – 初音ミク
  • #47 Monochro Act – 初音ミク
  • #48 Koi wa Sensou – 初音ミク
  • #50 Lovely Night! – 初音ミク
  • #51 Parallel Lines – 鏡音リン
  • #52 Sakasama Rainbow – 初音ミク and 鏡音リン
  • #53 Fire◎Flower – 鏡音レン
  • #57 Natsuiro Canvas – 初音ミク
  • #61 Breeze – 初音ミク
  • #73 Nico Nico Douga Ryuuseigun (Full Miku version) – 初音ミク
  • #79 Koi no Mikuru Densetsu – 初音ミク

Phew, that’s a lot, right? Most of the good songs went down, but it’s alright, since more amazing new songs (mostly from Miku) appeared on the ranking. Oh yeah, I still can’t wait for VOCALOID Ranking SP2, which is basically the Annual Yearly Ranking scheduled for this month. Thanks for reading and once again, sorry for the delays.

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  1. wwwwww, when I first heard #1 I’m freaking sure it will be in weekly ranking xDD but I never guess it will be #1 at it’s first week, wwwww that’s awesome xDD

    I’m sad because SETSUNA didn’t make it to #1, but holy, I like almost every song listed here… @_@;; —> don’t even know which one is which again, wwwwwww. Thanks for the report again xDD now goes to dL them, wwwww xD

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