Gackpoid 14-day trial download!

The new Gacktpoid for VOCALOID2!
Download the trial version!

The trial version of Gackpoid can now be downloaded in the official site, and the limitations are only usable for 14 days and you can’t save VSQ files with it. Just click on 試用版のダウンロード to download it and start the trial. Installation is fairly easy and you can do your usual things with it.

Test out his voice...
Test out his voice...
So his name is now Gackpoid Demo!
So his name is now Gackpoid Demo!

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16 thoughts on “Gackpoid 14-day trial download!”

  1. Hi,
    I coulnd’t find much information for gackpoid. Your site is the only english site i could find any info with the knowledge of using the program. I’m wondering if gackpoid a “PC only” program? It seems like it is. As my Japanese isn’t very good. So i can’t be 100% sure of that fact.

    thank you!

  2. @leeca: Thank you very much for visiting my site! =)
    Yep, unfortunately, VOCALOID is a PC-only program. Yamaha said that they’re developing a Mac version, and we can only hope (I’m a Mac user, and I install Windows on my BootCamp only for this program) that they also made it compatible with the Japanese VOCALOID and release it soon. =x
    No problem, thanks for coming! ^w^

  3. Thank you for the information. I’m a Mac user too. And i really dislike windows interface. I guess i have to succumb to windows just to work this. By the way is this a heavy program? I have not download the trial as i have not set up the bootcamp.

    And my last request, would you have any english site links for vocaloid beside yours? So that i can instill more knowlegde in before purchasing the program. Thanks! ^_^

  4. @lecca: It’s not a very heavy program, unless you program more than 5 voices at once (to make the musical harmony). I can’t really explain this properly, but here’s a video of the english version of VOCALOID. =3
    As you can see in the video, he made 2 tracks of voices to make the program sing more beautifully. Now, every track you add makes the program heavier and it would need more space. But other than that, it’s pretty light to run. This Gackpoid demo includes the VOCALOID2 demo, and it’s about 300MB in size. But the full Hatsune Miku and Kagamine Rin/Len program needs about 2 GB to run. =)
    As for the english VOCALOID sites, there was one called, but sadly, the admin had to do mandatory military service and the site closed down. In fact, that’s why I made this website. I wanted people to know more about VOCALOID, and one of the ways I’m doing it is by making an english VOCALOID blog. I know another one,, but that site is for VOCALOID general information and it collects videos on YouTube to feature. I’ll search for more and I’d add it to the blogroll if I find any. I’d make more VOCALOID tutorials as I go with this site, so don’t worry, just tell me about what you’d like to know and I’ll do my best to explain it to you. Thanks again for visiting! I’m so happy more and more people are interested in VOCALOID! =D

  5. i have not use windows in a long time besides in school computes. So i never have the need to get bootcamp up and running. So i’m extremly clueless. Do you know any sources to buy gackpoid beside

    Also looking at the link, it says windows vista. Does that mean i have to install the vista OS? i have no experience in vista. Only xp. So i can’t use xp?

    Sorry for the many questions and thankyou for taking the time! ^_^

  6. Hey, can you show us how to get the thing? I can't seem to find a link that downloads anything onto the computer.

  7. I can't seem to find it either… Maybe I'm not looking hard enough. xD But thank you for informing everyone!

  8. How do you download this i dont understand much and my boyfriend isnt helping me… and he is Japanese… Please help me

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