MikuMikuDance Version 3.10!

LenLenDance is FINALLY here! =3
LenLenDance is FINALLY here! =3

Finally, the long-awaited update to MikuMikuDance have been released. I’m pretty sure most people would like this feature. LLD is FINALLY released! Now you can make 3D animations of… Hatsune Miku, Kagamine Rin, Yowane Haku and KAGAMINE LEN! And this update also fixed several bugs.

Len 3D animations looks cool... lol, his hair looks like a banana! xD
Len 3D animations looks cool... lol, his hair looks like a banana! xD

For any of you who wanted to download it and try it out, here‘s the download link.

Source: 初音ミクみく

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22 thoughts on “MikuMikuDance Version 3.10!”

  1. @aces_of_the_sky: yeah, can’t wait to see Len being 3D animated! =D
    @Wolf: if you want to just animate Miku, just download MikuMikuDance normal version, the download link’s here:
    if you want to just animate Rin, just download RinRinDance normal version, the download link’s here:
    if you want to animate Miku, Rin, Len, or Haku, or all at once, download MikuMikuDance Multiple Model version, the download link’s here:
    which one did you download? =3
    did you have the Japanese language pack installed? maybe MMD needs it… as for me, I installed all of those versions above and all of them works perfectly! (I have a Japanese Windows XP SP3) =D
    if you don’t have a Japanese language pack installed, it probably caused the messed up screen you got… I’ll make another post about the english version of MMD later on if you’d like to use it =3
    although, Len (LLD) or Haku (HHD) won’t probably have an english version… I’ll look for them nevertheless =D
    thanks for commenting! if you have anything else to ask, just post in here =)

    1. I need the multi model but i cant read japanese so im lost at the download link X_X PLEASE TELL ME HOW TO GET IT

  2. Awesome, but when I downloaded MikuMikuDance V3.10.. it opened.. but I can’t understand Japanese… so it’s just a white workspace with a red dot.. eh..

  3. hey, kevinay >> this is completely out of the blue but i downloaded the multi model upgrade of mikumiku dance and i cant get it to work, id doesnt seem to reconise its own files (i cant get anything to open really) are the models actually included or do you have to download them seperately?
    and the link to the rinrin dance doest work, um, if its not to much bother do you know whrer i can get another copy?

    please reply soon :3

  4. @Hado: I’ll put up an english tutorial soon =D
    @becca: humm… what kind of files can’t you open? I can open the model files with no problem. and thanks for reporting the link problem! =D
    I’ll make a new post about MikuMikuDance Version 3.20 with a working download link and an english tutorial for it later on =)

  5. jast chuse ( i don’t speck english…sorry) and scarch on google the *motoin* of it. like that: (i chuse… love is war – hatsune miku)
    “mmd love is war motoin dl”
    1. you need to writh ‘mmd’ because the game
    2. dl – you what the *download link* of the song.

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