Kagamine Rin/Len Act.2 Free Updates Ending Soon!

Got this mail?
Got this mail?

As we all know, now there’s the Kagamine Rin/Len Act.2 update for Kagamine Rin/Len. And as we all know as well, it’s a free update for all Kagamine Rin/Len legitimate users who have an address in Japan. I got myself my copy a few weeks ago. So anyways, that free update is going to end soon, in 5 days, on September 20. So if you’re a Kagamine Rin/Len user, register your address and request your update now! =D

Get this update soon!
Get this update soon!

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7 thoughts on “Kagamine Rin/Len Act.2 Free Updates Ending Soon!”

  1. @Persocom: their entire voice is updated, most people think that Rin have a better voice in Act.2 but Len have a worse voice in Act.2…
    so most people still keep their Act.1 voices while having Act.2 voices and people said that Len Act.1 and Rin Act.2 is a great combination! xD

  2. Rin Act.1 sometimes drops or incorrectly pronouces some Japanese consonants, which other Japanese vocalids can deal with.
    Rin users had to spend time to fix them.
    (Here is an example how to modify Rin Act.1’s waveform.

    The yellow line in the middle of the waveform is a volume controle parameter and I used it to emphasize some consonants that were too weak.)

    As for Rin Act.2, this problem has been removed, or at least, reduced. So Rin users happily accept the new version.

    Speaking of Len, Len Act1. tends to sing bouncy. The loudness level of his voices were unstable. At first, such singing style gave Len users an impression that he was uncontrollable. But after they got used to him, they made use of his tendency to make rhythmical songs, where he can sing them lively.

    On the other hand, Len Act.2 sings in a more precise and stable manner. If you give him (I mean Len Act.2) a VSQ – vocaloid sequence file that is tailored for Len Act.1, his song may sound less lively than Act.1’s. That why some Len users disappointed with Len Act.2. However, it is just a matter of how you control them. I can say it’s not very difficult to make Len Act.1 and Act.2 mimic each other.

  3. What I noticed in their current Act1 incarnation is that Rin pronounces “a” really weird in comparison to Miku, moreso noticeable in some other syllables. Some of her pronunciations are not as sensitive to manipulations on the accents like Miku’s is.

    Would you believe you can actually make Miku pronounce letter Ls? The same can’t be said for Rin and Len, ableit its too subtle though.

    So I’m wondering if act2 does resolves these issues. I can live with Len’s more stable voice set, so I can happily replace my current act1 set.

  4. Actually, I’ll stick with Len’s act1 incarnation. However, I have better ideas for Len’s act2 incarnation. *snicker*

    Now that I’ve tried out Rin/Len act2, I can only echo what htsuji has to say.

  5. I have both LenRin and Len Rin Act 2. Len sounds older in Act 1 (despite what people say about him sounding more male like in Act 2, I think he sounds more like a boy in Act 1) as for Rin I couldn't really tell the difference (perhaps because I had Act 2 for three months before getting the torrent for act 1)

  6. Cool!! ^o^ Is this for if you had ACT1 and you get ACT2, or is it an update for just ACT2? Aaaah, I wish I was in japan so I could get ACT1! XD They sound the coolest!! Where do you even get ACT1? XD I can’t find them anywhere! ><

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