Welcome to yet another VOCALOID Spotlight! This time, we’d cover DEBUTANTE2. So first, what’s DEBUTANTE? DEBUTANTE is a compilation album by many great VOCALOID song producers. It’s sold on Doujin Circles. The first DEBUTANTE (it’s an album containing 2 discs) have been released, and you could view the song list in here. DEBUTANTE2 is the second compilation, and is filled with awesome songs. Here are the song list.

01: 「Kiddy Ground」 k-shi
02: 「*ハロー、プラネット。」 sasakure.UK
03: 「プリンセス・カウガール・ショー」 OSTER project
04: 「ヒトゴミ」 North-T
05: 「風の踊り子」 てとてと@情熱P
06: 「シンクロ」 sick
07: 「数十億の着想と理想から」 DARS
08: 「Continuous ignition」 qurter
09: 「Bravery」 匿名希望の東京都在住
10: 「Transmit」 シグナルP
11: 「INTERMISSION」 yanagi
12: 「サンドスクレイパー-砂漠の特急線-」 右近@ミク詐欺
13: 「極楽鳥 -bird of paradise-」 ゆうゆ
14: 「Θ」 cosMo@暴走P

I’ll cover 2 songs in this VOCALOID spotlight. Firstly, the best of all in my opinion, cosMo’s new song. The title of this song is Θ, read as “Capsule”. I’ll tell you why later on. Next, signalP’s new song, Transmit by Kagamine Rin. There’s also one OSTER project song in this compilation album, but I haven’t really explored the song, so I can’t write anything about it other than it’s awesome. Almost everything on this album is awesome. Well then, let’s move on to the VOCALOID spotlight. Read on for more details.

Song Title: Θ
VOCALOID: Hatsune Miku
Type: Original Song
Producer: cosMo
Illustration: Nanashi
Arrangement: cosMo
mp3 Download:

I always love cosMo’s songs. Infinity, Zero, Miku’s Piano Fantasy, and the famous Hatsune Miku no Shoushitsu. His song styles are crazy, but are fun to listen! First, I’d like to talk about the background illustration of this song. It’s Lucy, the mascot of cosMo. She’s pretty cute, right? I’m really in love with the background that I’m using it as my wallpaper now… So anyways, the title of this song is only one character. Θ. How are we supposed to read it? According to Wikipedia, Θ is read as “Theta”, the mathematical symbol. But then again, this song didn’t mean Theta. Why? Listen to it for yourselves and look at the background. Try to look at this background for a while.

Yes, you can use this as your wallpaper too! Lucy's so cute! =D
Yes, you can use this as your wallpaper too! Lucy's so cute! =D

Notice that on the right of the Θ symbol, it says “かぷせる” (kapuseru). So it’s pretty obvious that this song’s title is read as “Capsule”. If any of you wanted to know what the song actually meant, here’s what it means.

Θ, a drug which works well with mental illnesses. It’ll bring Lucy to the sky with diamonds.

Now the illustrations makes sense… I really love this song. Mark my words, this song would be on the top 5 of this week’s Weekly Ranking (I haven’t watched it yet, I’ll make a review about it later on). This song is a must-listen for any VOCALOID fan.

Song Title: Transmit
VOCALOID: Kagamine Rin
Type: Original Song
Producer: signalP
mp3 Download:

Ah, the tenth song from signalP, whose famous for his “Rin Rin Signal” song. I love this song. Rin’s voice is done really nicely and cutely. The instrumental part is also great. But what really made this song awesome is Rin’s voice. I haven’t heard any good Rin songs these few weeks, since people are focusing on Hatsune Miku because it was her birthday. But this song finally appears, one of the best Rin songs ever.

So that’s it for today’s VOCALOID Spotlight. DEBUTANTE2 will be released on Semptember 25 in Doujin Circles in Japan, for more information and to pre-order, click here. Thanks for reading!

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  1. DEBUTATNE~~~~
    The first one had a pretty epic track listing =D Didn’t know #2 was out. (what? No, it’s not because I’m a yanagi fan…)
    Um…the song is about Lucy on a high? O.o That I didn’t expect xD

    SignalP’s Rin = <3 Rin Rin Signal also = love, and I swear it’s not because I support RinLen 8D

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