I’m back!

I'm ALMOST back! xD
I'm ALMOST back! xD (click on the image for a clearer picture)

Hi everyone! Yep, this blog is not dead. Sorry for the absence of posts in almost a month! But now I’m back and is going to post more news and updates! For any of you who are curious of why am I gone (and if you don’t visit our forums), read more for my random ramblings! If you’re not interested, please wait for a few hours while I post some updates! This blog’s theme would change too since it’s so simple now… Thanks for still coming to this blog!

Okay, I’ll just warn you first, this would be random ramblings about my daily life. Last month was the fasting month for me, and I still have school. So yeah, I haven’t have the time to do anything. To make matters worse, my hard drive (Rin) died and I had to use to my brother’s laptop to go online. Which means my online time is limited. This is why I have been offline for a while. And my hard drive is dead means… I lost the VOCALOID editor. So yeah, it have been an annoying month for me since I can’t listen to Rin’s voice (well, I could at Nico Nico Douga, but my brother’s laptop doesn’t have the Japanese Language Pack installed and so navigating around there is hard). But I finally got Sanya (a new hard drive) and reinstalled the VOCALOID editor (as shown as in the above image… in fact, I’m installing it as I type this). So now I’m back! Sorry for the lack of updates last month! =D

And then, there’s this… xP

Hands down, the best anime ever this fall.
Hands down, the best anime ever this fall.

Okay, this last one was just an excuse… xD

Now to write some more updates while I see some battles recorded by the battle recorder in Pokemon Platinum (best DS game ever) and hearing some VOCALOID songs on Nico Nico Douga… =)

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