KEI-style illustrations of KAIKO!

So she's in the same family as this MEIKO? Interesting... =o
So she's in the same family as this MEIKO? Interesting... =o

I really won’t say much in this post other than… WOW. KAIKO finally have a KEI-style illustration, making it look official! These pictures should explain itself. By the way, she is drawn with MEIKO, not MEITO. For some reason their family name is the same, too… But I thought MEIKO’s fan family name is sakine? I’m not sure about this now… xD

Well, this is created by sorbe, and you could view his/her PIAPRO here. And download more illustrations here. The password is 卑怯.

Read more for 2 more pictures if you’re really curious… =)

Uh... Hajimene MEIKO? =x
Uh... Hajimene MEIKO? =x
And... Hajimene KAIKO... =x
And... Hajimene KAIKO... =x

Source: 初音ミクみく

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5 thoughts on “KEI-style illustrations of KAIKO!”

  1. Hajimene Meiko and Hajimene Kaiko eh? sisters eh?
    hajime means first, i think?

    well anyways there is also a version of Sakine Meiko done in KEI style (I forgot the link, but it is also from PIAPRO)
    and I guess this means the Hajimene and Sakine are two different ‘personas’ i think.. Sakine is more of a ‘fresh new’ idol

    great find! going to watch that video later xD

  2. [Hajime] means (Nice) [Ne] means (Sound). the fact their last names are the same is refing to MAIKO and Kaito being siblings.

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