Kagamine Rin and Len to be at Hatsune Miku -Project DIVA-!

The Tokyo Game Show Hatsune Miku -Project DIVA- talk event is over. Some new nice details were released by Saki Fujita, Hatsune Miku’s voice actress, and Asami Shimoda, Kagamine Rin and Len’s voice actress. Including… the appearance of Kagamine Rin and Len in the game. I guessed that would be revealed in this event since Asami Shimoda is in there xD

The event was called 「咲と麻美の恋スルラジオ in 東京ゲームショウ(架空)」, which means “Saki and Asami’s love Sururaji (?) in the Tokyo Game Show (Fictional)”. I really don’t know what they meant by “Sururaji”. The event was held yesterday, October 12, at 11:30 AM to 12:00 PM in the Tokyo Game Show SEGA Stage, and is limited to 300 person. We could see the event live streaming from SEGA’s site, but most of it is cut. Most of the information released was what we knew, including the trailer and the costumes I mentioned in my last post. But some new things are shown, such as the smooth movement of the 3D model used for the game and the big news, Kagamine Rin and Len is going to appear in the game. For more pictures of the event, continue reading.

The event’s starting… Can you see the Miku and Rin figure in the picture below? x3

And so Saki Fujita and Asami Shimoda entered the stage… xD

And so they showcased Miku’s smooth 3D movement in the game… =)

And they showed the costumes that made it into the game… For more information read my previous post =)

And here’s the big news… Kagamine Rin and Len! They look better than Hatsune Miku in 3D in my opinion x3

So that’s the event. I didn’t manage to record the live streaming online, and I couldn’t find any video about this event anywhere, but I’ll still look for a recording of the event. =3

Source: Dengeki Online via Anon

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13 thoughts on “Kagamine Rin and Len to be at Hatsune Miku -Project DIVA-!”

  1. Heh I didn’t notice that picture of Rin and Len was using 3D models.

    From the audio I think “love Sururaji” may be “koi suru radio”, hence the overlay on the streaming saying “on air” and the talk show style setup.

  2. You’re not being biased about the twins looking better than Miku, are you? XD
    I think they look pretty cool, too, like they’re characters from Kingdom Hearts (if you don’t like that game, don’t be offended!)

    Miku’s outfits look great as well. The first and third ones are my favorites. I can’t wait for this game to come out even more!

  3. @Anon: hmm… that may be so… but I wonder why they used suru with a katakana? =x
    the raji part is radio for sure, though… thanks for noticing that out ^^

    @Seedmanc: seems like they thought it was a spam since you put links in your first comment here… well, I de-spamed it xD
    anyway, thank you so much for the link! seems like someone uploaded them last night on Nico Nico Douga… =)

    @Van: lol, that was just my personal opinion xD
    (although, Asami Shimoda (and Kagamine Rin) was the reason I knew about VOCALOIDs in the first place, so I kind of like them more)
    and I kind of like Kingdom Hearts, so don’t worry =P
    for me, the third and fourth in this post is my faves =3

  4. I love the second costume! > w <

    I thought OSTER’s Koisuru radio was written the same way? I’m sorry if I’m mistaken.

    Well, 3D animations are usually smooth, since they have fps higher than 2D animation. I’m not an expert on 3D though.

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