The end of 2008 is coming… CV03?

When are we going to see the next VOCALOID?
The next VOCALOID?

It have been a while since a new VOCALOID is released by Crypton. Hatsune Miku was released in September 2007 and Kagamine Rin and Len was released in December 2007. And of course Kagamine Rin and Len Act.2 was released last July. CV03 was planned, and the site only have the “Releasing in 2008” text, with no additional information. As the end of 2008 is coming, we’re wondering when will CV03 would be released? There has been no announcements from Crypton about this.

The December Issue of the DTM Magazine is now up for pre-order in Amazon Japan. “VOCALOID MANIACS” is a section of the magazine, and is very useful for any VOCALOID user. Most VOCALOID Fansites think that the CV03 Announcement would be announced in the December Issue of the DTM Magazine. As for now, the Crypton Official VOCALOID site still said “Releasing in 2008”, but I’m not sure if CV03 would be released in this year. Or are they being like Apple, not saying anything and then suddenly releases a product the next day?

On another note, a Shoutbox was added in the right sidebar and a VOCALOID Ranking Watcher is added in the left sidebar. A Contact me Chatbox was also added in the right sidebar, so it’s not easy to contact me =)

The blog’s layout had been updated too. And we’re going to move soon to a new domain! =D

I still haven’t decided yet on the new blog name (I’d like to make it a VOCALOID blog, not using my name or anything) or a domain name. Any domain/blog name suggestion would be really helpful, please comment if you have any idea! =3

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7 thoughts on “The end of 2008 is coming… CV03?”

  1. Would it really be so bad if they just dropped it on us? I think it’d be worse if it were like Blizzard and they announced a product and never released it (I’m looking at you Starcraft Ghost).

  2. @ZippyZion: I’m kind of looking forward for the next VOCALOID from Crypton. Since the first two CV VOCALOID from Crypton are Female VOCALOID (Hatsune Miku and Kagamine Rin), plus one Male VOCALOID (Kagamine Len), most people think that CV03 would be a Male VOCALOID. And it’d be interesting to see the Artwork and what kind of voice would it be or who’d be the Seiyuu. Or what impact would it make on the VOCALOID family. =)
    I don’t want Crypton to be like Blizzard! DX

  3. I doubt it’ll be released by 2008 at this rate, since if it is gonna be released, it’d have advertisement for it since a while ago. The DTM market, although now more known to the public thanks to Miku, is still pretty small. They’d want all the advertisement they can get for it.

  4. I srsly hope it’s a girl. A really cute one. ^w^ /stares at Teto and Neru

    Somehow I wish Crypton created voices for the fanmade VOCALOIDs instead of fans making them. Then they can have their own original voice. ^^;

  5. It was already realeased . His name is Gackpoid…
    It was in July. Mabye they never really got around to updating the site…

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