200 Songs in Typenist and CV03 Confirmation!

Congratulations Molokheiya-san!
Congratulations Molokheiya-san!

Remember Typenist? That great online Hatsune Miku Typing game? Yep, that’s Typenist. Recently, it reached 60,000 playcount and 200 songs (and counting). Seems like Molokeiya-san is really serious in developing the game. It got out of the Alpha stage and is now on the Beta stage. Most of the VOCALOID song that you knew is already in the game, and the game is so much fun in multiplayer! Even if you can’t find the VOCALOID song you want to play, you can request it to him. And of course, there’s the ranking for individual songs or overall score. This game follows the Japanese IME of your computer or a Kana keyboard if you have one. The only bad thing of the game is that it’s currently only compatible with Internet Explorer. If you’re interested, feel free to read one of my old post about it. And please visit our forum to discuss it.

Anyways, CV03 is confirmed for a 2008 release (Crypton is still aiming for a 2008 release), and a demo of its voice is available! It’ll have a dual-voice bank (kind of like Kagamine Rin and Len), and it can speak both English and Japanese! I predict the Voice Actress would be Asakawa Yuu, since the voice of CV03 belongs to Art’s Vision and it have a husky and cool voice. The voice would range from mezzo-soprano to around alto. Feel free to discuss it in our forum, and I’ll write an article about it once I have more information about it.

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