VOCALOID Songs now on Amazon.com and iTunes Store!


To get a VOCALOID Song Album that are sold to the public, we’d usually have to import them from Japan. Now, we can get them easily from Amazon US or the iTunes Store. Chocolate Train by Penguins Project feat. 初音ミク is now available for purchase at Amazon.com for $1.98. And three VOCALOID albums, トラボティック・ワールド by トラボルタ, Interlude by North-T, and NEXT (Ver.i) feat. 初音ミク by そそそ (津久井箇人) are going to be sold at the iTunes Store. This project is started by PIAPRO. The three albums would be up in the iTunes Store soon.


Personally, I think that this is a really great news! I can finally buy VOCALOID Albums without the huge shipping costs! I hope more albums such as Re: Package, or 19’s Sound Factory, or the recent OSTER Project album is going to be sold like those albums above too.

Source: ピアプロ開発者ブログ

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