CV03 Details Revealed!

Welcome, Luka!

Yesterday night Crypton’s blog was updated with the concept of CV03. The concept of CV03 is going to be “巡り”, which would translate as “going around”, roughly. Hatsune Miku’s concept was 初, which means “first” and Kagamine Rin and Len’s concept was 鏡, which means “mirror”. So CV03’s last name is going to be 巡り音. And this morning, Crypton’s Vocaloid page was updated with details on CV03. Read more to find out.

Her hair is pink! And she looks like a character from a MMORPG...
Her hair is pink! And she looks like a character from a MMORPG... I Love her for some reason, though...

Before we start talking about CV03, Happy New Year 2009 everyone! I’m making a look back at 2008 article and will publish it later on. CV03’s full name is going to be Megurine Luka and as we all know, she speaks both Japanese and English. Her voice is described as “Cool and Husky” by Crypton, and her seiyuu is confirmed as Asakawa Yuu, the voice of Rider in Fate/Stay Night and Sakaki in Azumanga Daioh. Luka is 20 years old, so she’s going to be 3 years older than Miku and 5 years older than the twins. She’s 162 cm tall and 45 kg in weight. Her favorite Genre of Music is Latin Jazz Pop and House Dance Electronica.

イラスタ by いんすとさん from ピアプロ
イラスタ by いんすとさん from ピアプロ

Piapro is already filled with fanarts of her, if you want some more pictures. Even KL-chan from deviantART is also making fanarts of her. Looking at the picture below, I wonder how Luka will fit with Miku and Rin and Len…

Welcome to the family!
Welcome to the family!

This bilingual female singer is going to be 3GB in size. Her BPM Range is 65 to 145 BPM and her vocal range is D3 to D5. She’s going to be released at 30 January 2009, and the suggested retail price by Crypton is ¥15,750, the same as Miku and Rin and Len. Expect many pictures of her in Piapro and many songs of her in 30 January 2009. Unfortunately, no new demo song have been published. Crypton made a blog post about the meaning behind her name in here and here. If someone can translate them, it’d be much appriceated (or at least roughly what it meant). Pre-orders are already open at Crypton’s online store. Click on the image below to go to Crypton’s Online Store.

Crypton already accepted Pre-orders
Crypton already accept Pre-orders

Thanks for reading, and will keep you posted with CV03! Or you could discuss it on our forums here.

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13 thoughts on “CV03 Details Revealed!”

  1. Welcome, Luka! I was very impressed by her demos. I think she’s going to quickly grow on to me. Looks like there’s another Big Sister in the Vocaloid family. I’ll be expecting some fanart of her with MEIKO in the future. Luka’s going to open some doors in terms of creativity for the Vocaloid producers who will use her.

  2. Wow.. Only a few hours after she was announced and there are already countless artworks appearing at Pixiv and Piapro.. She looks awesome..

    Well, at least Miku has another onee-san apart from Meiko.. xD

  3. hi kevinay! me fans too!
    did the crypton make some changes on their vocaloid editor in this Megurine Luka pack?
    i shocked that my Miku have some different voice character after i installed twin Kagamine
    thanx for the nice pages

  4. Yes! The first Vocaloid in the VOCALOID2 series that sings flawlessly in Japanese AND English!

  5. I still need to find out how to buy her and how much she is in American dollars. It's really hard to find a price, and so far i've only found one English cost and that was $165.00 or something. That seems to good to be true, but I can't find anything to cross reference.

    Luka is amazing, becuase she can sing English as well as Japanese. Unlike most of the other vocaliods, she can pronounce the R sound, while the Japanese ones like Miku can't. She's also possibly the only cross compatable, able to sing English and Japanese. There's the English vocaliod, Mariam, but her voice is hideous and has no Japanese accent. (duh)

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